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Having One of These Jobs Could Affect Your Financial Plans

  January 9, 2017  |    #Make Money

If you’re making a financial resolution for the new year to tackle debt through consolidation, your occupation could affect the terms of a personal loan. Frequent late payments made by people with your same job title could be a factor that determines interest rate, among other aspects. In other words, it’s possible some jobs hurt financially. Professions …

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Mvelopes Turns Budgeting Envelopes Digital

  December 30, 2016  |    #Tools

Have you seen that Facebook meme that says, “Someday we old folks will use cursive writing as a secret code?” People look at us with the same dazed eyes when we talk about the “envelope system” to manage money as the kids in our lives look at notes of ours written in cursive. We won’t pontificate …

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