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Investing in the Workplace Equality Index with John Roberts

  July 3, 2018  |    #Make Money

John Robert’s Workplace Equality Index When you think of an activist, what comes to mind? Marching in the streets? Are there other ways to promote LGBT rights, advocating for workplace equality and social change? The Workplace Equality Index just may be the best answer to that question. What’s the Workplace Equality Index? John Roberts is the creator …

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How Return on Equality Spurs Economic Growth

  June 26, 2018  |    #Make Money

Return on Equality helps a business’s Return on Investment There’s no doubt you’re familiar with the concept of a Return on Investment (ROI) — but what about the idea of a Return on Equality? Todd Sears of Out Leadership shares his insight on how business can improve its bottom line LGBTQ inclusion. Todd Sears’ Return …

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