Get the first tool we used that helped us pay off $51,000 of debt in less than 3 years.

We’re David and John, husbands living our fabulous life. We help other gay men like you who also want to live an amazing life without sacrificing your financial security. With this website, our Queer Money™ podcast, tools and resources, we help you live fabulously, not fabulously broke.

If all this talk of money makes you feel...





...then, you're in the right spot.

Because we felt exactly the same.

What does living fabulously mean?

Living fabulously means having the lifestyle that gives you true, personal satisfaction:

Being able to donate your time and money to causes that are important to you

Having a rewarding and fulfilling career


Having the car of your dreams

Having time to meditate, journal, exercise and read daily

Or, whatever’s most important to you (and not what’s important to everyone else)

We totally get that you...

  • want to be fabulous, but at the same time struggle with paying bills.
  • don’t understand how everyone else can afford Sunday Funday, while you have to say, “Next time, ladies!”
  • feel pressured to be like Mitch & Cam when you feel more like Johnny & Moira Rose.
  • dream of retiring poolside in Palm Springs, but your 401k balance says, “Gurl, you’re working til you’re 80!”

And, you know we’ve been there because...

  • we paid for a Vegas vacation to see Madonna with student loans.
  • put a down payment for a car on a credit card.
  • knew our BMI but didn’t know our credit score.
  • went out for breakfast and lunch every day without thinking about our bills.
  • spent way more time at the gym than we ever did on a budget.
Our story: living fabulously and (secretly) being fabulously broke

We were sitting on the dining room floor or our cold, dark basement apartment wondering why we weren’t as successful as we wanted. We just admitted that between us we had $51,000 of credit card debt. We were living naively and unconsciously and doing it all on credit.

After spending the weekend in the mountains and looking at property to build a vacation home, we realized we could barely afford to spend a weekend there, let alone buy land and build a vacation home.

How could we have a vacation home when we didn't even own a home?

We realized that for the past few years, we were spending beyond our means to make ourselves feel better, in part, to make up for being bullied and picked on for being gay when we were younger.

Even though we eventually found our community, we had limiting beliefs and thought we had to prove ourselves worthy to them. So, we spent and lived like the A-List gays. They had new clothes. We had new clothes. They had new phones. We had new phones. They went on amazing vacations. We went on amazing vacations.

Then, that night sitting on the floor of that gloomy apartment, we hit rock bottom. We were two financial services professionals making good money and bad decisions.

We were the gay cliché of living fabulous but being fabulously broke.

Our fabulous comeback

Like Britney after she shaved her head and Neil Patrick post-Doogie, we completely changed our lives and our finances for our big comeback. We now use our personal and professional experiences with money to help other gay men do the same.

Start truly living fabulously with the first exercise we did to get out of debt.

When we’re not writing for this blog, we write for Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post, Motley Fool and others. We’ve, also, been featured on US News & World Report, MarketWatch,, Christian Science Monitor and elsewhere.

Most importantly, find us here and on our Queer Money™ podcast.