Our passion is helping people, especially the queer community, live richer, fuller lives. Let us connect your brand to the queer community or strengthen your existing relationship with the queer community and others who want to live financially stronger lives.


As full-time business and personal finance freelance writers since 2013, our articles have appeared in The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Yahoo!Finance, Time and more. We specialize in personal finance, self-improvement, entrepreneurship and online businesses. If you’re a business that needs to outsource your writing or a publication looking to broaden your expertise, hire us to help you.


Hire us to speak at your event. We’ve spoken at FinCon, The William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia and the Denver Films Society.

Featured Presentations:

Improve Your Quality of Life

Are you living your best life or are you comfortable? Are you struggling to figure out how to increase happiness, success and financial security to your life? We did, too. The Debt Free Guys will share how we turned our struggles with money and life into opportunity and turned our lives around.

Do More. Be More.

We live in a world in which mediocrity equals success. The difference between the mediocre and the truly successful is minor, but the results are drastic. The Debt Free Guys share the keys to rising above the masses to do more in the world and be the best you there is.

Be Money Conscious

Our psychological and learned behaviors dictate how we attract and retain money. Learn how to break free of limiting money behaviors by becoming money conscious. The Debt Free Guys share how you can become a financial success starting today.


If you’re a journalist or media producer who needs help creating content for your publication, podcast, radio or television show, we can help with a single quote or a whole series. We’ve appeared on Denver’s Fox 31, So Money with Farnoosh Torabi, Like a Mother with Emma Johnson, Stacking Benjamins, and more. We’ve been quoted in Christian Science Monitor, Investopedia, MSN Money and others.

Brand Partnership

As the only queer couple in the personal finance space, we can connect your brand to or strengthen your relationship with the queer community. The disposable income of the queer community is estimated at about $884 billion. We can help your brand better serve the queer community and help the queer community love your brand. With over 31 years of combined experience in finance, we can strengthen your message to both straight and queer people of all stripes.

Queer Money™

Access to “the pink dollar” by sponsoring the LGBTQ community’s #1 personal finance. With our Huffington Post promotion agreement, your brand will be visible to millions of queer.

Be a guest on Queer Money™. We feature business and financial experts, celebrities, entrepreneurs and all around awesome queer people and allies.


We built the Debt Free Guys into a brand that now supports our financially independent and geo-liberated lifestyle. We can help you do the same. Private and group coaching available.

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