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Prudential LGBT Financial Experience Symposium

Our money talks and workshops connect brands, employees and conference attendees like yours to the queer community and help them overcome financial insecurity and limiting career goals by thriving financially and professionally.


a business trying to connect with the LGBT community?

a company with LGBT employees?

a conference coordinator interested in serving your LGBT audience members?

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We are part of the $1 trillion LGBT market.

We were the LGBT employees.

We've been the LGBT conference attendees who needed these talks and workshops when they didn’t exist.

That’s why we created them ourselves to help LGBT people achieve financial independence and career success.

What You're Saying...

"By sharing their story with the LGBTQ student group, then tips for personal finance issues, the students and I benefitted greatly from our two-hours with them."

– J.D. Spinner
Director of Development, University of Akron


Capital One Money & Relationship

"John and David have the unique ability to communicate tips to financial freedom in an easy to understand and fun way."

– Kathryn Bryan, Ph.D.
Financial Planner, Skylight Financial Group

"Their articulate and relevant approach contributed to the success of our inaugural financial planning symposium."

– Carina Diamond
Director, SS&G Wealth Management, LLC.

For booking information, click the button below to contact us.

Money Talk & Workshop Topics

"Join Our Strong Queer Community"

We look fabulous in movies, but many in our community struggle financially. We’ll share why and how you can join our strong queer community.

"Do More. Be More."

The difference between mediocre and successful is minor, but the results are drastic. We’ll share the keys to rising above the masses to do more and be more at work and at home.

"Be Money Conscious"

Our learned behaviors dictate how we attract and retain money. Break free of limiting money beliefs pervasive in our community. We’ll share how you can attract financial security.

"What Makes You Different Makes You Important"

Diversity yields innovation. Innovation yields growth. We’ll share how your uniqueness is your key to success.