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How Teenpreneur Eva Baker Turned a Home School Project into a Thriving Business

  March 8, 2017  |    #Make Money

On this Queer Money™, we interview teenpreneur Eva Baker of Schools aren’t adequately teaching today’s students about money. Enter Eva Baker. Eva only recently lost her teenager-card, but is teaching teenagers and others too young to enter a bar about money. What started as a home-school project assigned by her mother, Eva has turned …

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What Are Your Financial Blockers? Our Free Tool for Financial Liberation.

  March 6, 2017  |    #Tools

Crush your financial blockers Financial blockers are anything that prevents you from living the life you want. These include financial limitations, such as having too much debt, and emotional limitations, such as feeling like you don’t deserve success. We have another free tool to help you achieve financial freedom! We’ve shared our Hopes & Dreams Worksheet. …

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Curbing College Costs with Financial Aid

  March 3, 2017  |    #Eliminate Debt

This is a sponsored post. The Debt Free Guys™ received compensation for this post. There is no way around it – kids are expensive. From their early days (even before birth) children place demands on household cash flow, generating expenses for medical oversight, day care, and standard costs of living. But the financial burden of …

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