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3 Steps to Help Millennials Build Credit

  August 11, 2014  |    #Make Money

A Twitter follower asked us how they can build credit from nothing, as a recent college graduate. This is a great question that young adults have asked for ages. It’s similar to the question, “How do I get experience for the job I want when no one will hire me for the job I want.” Though the questions are similar, the answer to the first is easier to find than the second.

Is Your Family Beating the Financial Squeeze?

  July 28, 2014  |    #Live Fabulously

On Monday, July 21st, both Chipotle and Netflix released second quarter 2014 earnings. Chipotle’s second quarter 2014 revenue was up 28 percent to $1.05 billion. Netflix net income more than doubled to $71 million in the second quarter from $29 million from second quarter 2013. Both companies crushed analyst, investor and, likely, their own expectations. This caused both stocks to soar in afterhours trading on Monday and subsequent sessions thereafter.

What does this mean?

3 Easy Steps to a Financial Plan

  July 21, 2014  |    #Make Money

If followed us for a while, then you know a financial plan increases your chances of financial success. If you don’t have one, let’s start your financial plan today. 

Just as there are three steps to land that hottie you have your eye on (flirt, buy them drinks and then make your move), there are three steps to score a better financial future and maybe even more hotties (budget, save and invest). These are the foundation of a financial plan. We will elaborate on each of these.

Turning a Little Money into a Lot of Money

  July 16, 2014  |    #Make Money

The following is a question posed to us by a Facebook follower:

“What is the best way to save small amounts of money? For example, an individual who doesn’t have a large income and is already strapped with monthly bills may only be able to stash away a few bucks; maybe $40. What is the best way to save/invest those few dollars to help it grow?”

Go from anxious to confident with your money. Crisis proof your finances here.