14 Valentine’s Day Dates for Men

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

We’ve compiled the best 14 Valentine’s Day date ideas to inspire your Valentine’s Day plans with your special guy. Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Sunday. This means you have 24 uninterrupted hours to dedicated to your husband, partner, twink, bear, chicken, otter, cub or giraffe. One or a combination of these Valentine’s Day date ideas can be your way to make your man feel special from dusk to dusk.

St. Valentine’s Day has ties to both pagan celebrations of pre-Christian times and martyrdom stories of Christian lore. Today it is more notably Hallmark’s way to make more money and the day we tell our beau how much we love him with a special Valentine’s Day date in his honor.

Unfortunately, like most holidays, Valentine’s Day has become commercialized and we often overspend trying and to show our affection. To minimize the Valentine’s Day fiscal hangover, we have created 14 Valentine’s Day date ideas customized to meet every gay personality for those with no moola to spend and those with a huge wad to blow and everyone in between.

What Do You Want to Say?

These Valentine’s Day date ideas say, “I love you. You’re special to me.” Or, they say, “I strongly like you.” Or, “Can we please just have sex and then see where this goes?” They’re, at least, better than saying “Hey, I grabbed this Carlton card one isle over from the condom section at Walgreen’s on my way here.”

Surely one or a combination of these Valentine’s Day date ideas will help you cobble something special for you and your guy. Click on the image that most suits your personality below and see what we have in store for you and your guy. If one plan doesn’t fully suit yours or your guy’s need, click on the other personalities that suit you two.

Just My Type

Each link below will take you to a page dedicated to the type of man or day you would like to enjoy. We hope you have as much fun with your Money Conscious Valentine’s Day as we did writing this piece. 

Love Birds

The Love Birds

Leather men

The Leather Men

Lazy Day Lovers

The Lazy Day Lovers

Pretty Boyz

The Pretty Boyz










Foodie Fanatics

The Foodie Fanatics

Da Bears

Da Bears

All in the Family

All in the Family

Big Spenders

The Big Spenders

Money Conscious Couple

The Money Conscious Couple















Gym Boyz

The Gym Boyz

New Adventures

New Adventures

Dancing Queen - Debt Free Guys

The Dancing Queens

Subaru Outbackers

The Subaru Outbackers



Mr. & Mr. LTR

Mr. & Mr. LTR


















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  • susan 18 / 01 / 2016 Reply

    Great post! Most of these ideas are great for those of all persuasions- thanks for the time you put into this.

  • David Auten 18 / 01 / 2016 Reply

    Absolutely. We had a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun with this post. We know the stereotypes exist and thought it would be fun to play it up a bit. You are of course right that none of these are exclusively gay, but just about having fun with your special someone on Valentine’s Day this year.

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