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12 Stylish Gifts for Stylish Gay Men

  November 23, 2017  |    #Live Fabulously

Stylish Gay Men Want Stylish Gifts

Are you desperately searching for that perfect gift for the stylish gay men in your life? We’re here to help you have a gay ol’ time all year long!

Stylish gay men want these 12 stylish gifts

If you’re Jewish, you’re SOL. But, hey, steal from the Christians. I eat rugelach. If you’re Christian, it’s getting down to the wire. Here’s a list of things that if I don’t already have I want.

Because we’re debt free and our advice is to not go into debt for the sake of the season, we’ve compiled this list of reasonably priced gifts for the husband, boyfriend, daddy and fruit flies, so indulge.

1. Stylish gay men love Dollar Shave Club

I quit shaving because it’s a small pain and facial hair’s fashionable. David, however, shaves and prefers to shave and save. Razor blades are damn expensive and a man with

The Dollar Shave Club’s 4X option is $6 per month, which is $72 per year. That’s 50% off with no Hail Mary’s.

thick hair can dull a blade faster than a Latin mass. A four-pack of razors at Target goes for $12. $12 a month is $144 annually.

Click here to give your favorite man a kissable face with a gift that’ll make them want to kiss you all year.

2. Hard luggage for stylish gay men

A great gift to give to the well-traveled or businessman is to give the Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Carry-On Spinner Trolley. For less than $75, this stylish case will make your man the leading man on any travel trip. Its hard case will keep his unmentionables protected even up with the Mile High Club from continent to continent.


3. Even stylish gay men need to learn what’s stylish

We normally diss magazine subscriptions, as most of what mags offer are online. However, there’s something enjoyable about flipping through stylishly bound paper rather than a blue-lit screen. For only $20, give GQ as a nice addition to any coffee table. QG has great fashion, lifestyle and health advice. Best of all, leaving an issue of GQ on your coffee table is a passive aggressive way to give fashion advice to the straight men in your life.


4. Give him stylish underwear

Gay men love underwear so much it’s amazing there’s not a Victoria’s Secret for men. Although some would say Victoria’s Secret is as much for men as it is for women, but that’s another topic.

We frown upon boxers and other old-man style underwear and appreciate a well-fitted and nicely filled out brief. Ah, straight boys, most women do, too. It’s time to ditch your grandpa’s style. For under $14 a month, you can have a stylish pair of underwear sent to your man’s inbox each month.

5. Stylish gay men love doing it in cuffs

Cuffs aren’t just for kink play. Give your favorite guy these fun cuffs, though, and he’ll play all night long. Not only do they look nice, they’re great conversation pieces.For less than $50, these cufflinks will jazz up any suit or office attire. Plus, they’ll set your gay apart from the non-gay suits with Tom Ford style links.

Your Super Bowl ring inspired cufflinks don’t make up for the fact that you don’t have a Super Bowl ring.

6. Give the stylish gay men in your life big balls

David loves traditional Sazeracs. Some say it’s America’s oldest cocktail. Truth be damned, they’re yummy. For this and any highball, regular ice cubes dilute the taste. For your stylish drinker, bigger is better, no pun intended.

Give him these large ice cubes or give him these large ice balls. They melt more slowly than traditional ice cubes and let your high-baller drink more slowly. For as little as $24 and $14 respectively, your favorite gay will impress his guests, cocks and hens alike.

7. Russian men and Moscow Mules are stylish and fun

A Moscow Mule in a glass doesn’t qualify. Sadly, too many bars don’t get this. Your home establishment, shouldn’t be so sad either. For a

s little as $20, give your favorite gay his own copper cup collection. By spring, he’ll be ripe for a fete of Moscow Mules.

8. Put a sock on your stylish gay men

Stylish businessmen don’t have much leeway when it comes to style. Socks are an exception. Bedazzle your gay with happy socks and they’ll be light in the loafers both literally and figuratively.


9 Keep your man wet

Ever find yourself in the blistering hot sun at Pride dying for a Corona Light with no bottle opener in site? Me, either, but never fail, for only $15, give your parched gay this functional iPhone case to save their day.

10. Keep your stylish gay men liquored up

My sister sent one of these to us before we jetted off on vacation last year. What seemed like a novelty is now a necessity. For just $27 a piece, make your cabin seat first-class with your own tonic, thimble-size jigger and travel size bar spoon. Ring the cabin bell for your first-class delivery of gin and you’re on vacation before liftoff.

11. Stylish gay men want to stay stylish when traveling

For the well-traveled, organization is a must. For $23, give your man these five collapsible cubes and travel efficiently. You and your man can keep your essentials, nonessentials and unmentionables organized so well no one has to die. These cubes go from fitting together tightly packed luggage to becoming a portable dresser in seconds. This makes every hotel your home.

12. Send your stylish gay man away (or go with him)

What’s the point of gifting gay travel items if they can’t afford to travel? Get them outta your hair like that gray by giving these travel gift cards to destinations far and away. Nothing says, “Merry Christmas, and I love you” like “Get outta here!”

These are our twelve-holiday suggestions for the mo in your life. We hope these ideas take some of the pain out of the insufferable holiday shopping season. Happy holidays to you and all the stylish gay men in your life!


2 responses to “12 Stylish Gifts for Stylish Gay Men

  1. My gay boyfriend and lover needs and wants virtually nothing of material worth, so it’s hard for me to gift him with items he enjoys.

    You excellent ideas of luggage, a GQ magazine subscription, large ice cubes and ice balls trays, and the collapsible set of travel cubes or pouches are excellent for my man!

    Thanks a bunch!

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