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7 Surprising and Affordable Gay Wedding Tips

  April 23, 2019  |    #Live Fabulously

Your affordable gay weddings

First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes the big, old bill for that expensive gay wedding! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Get 7 affordable gay wedding tips for a fabulous wedding without the fabulous financial hangover.

Affordable gay wedding tips from the fabulous Aimee Palifroni:

Meet Aimee Palifroni of Prisma Weddings & Events

Aimee Palifroni is the Owner and Lead Coordinator at Prisma Weddings & Events, a firm that offers innovative wedding and special event planning in Colorado and beyond. Aimee has nearly 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, ranging from restaurants to event venues to hotels, and she is proud to specialize in LGBTQ weddings. Prisma’s work has been featured in Colorado Gay Weddings, and Aimee’s team was responsible for planning the Debt Free Guys’ unique wedding experience!

Today, Aimee joins us to share her top 7 tips on designing a fabulous yet affordable gay wedding – many of which David and John used. Aimee explains how to save money by forgoing a bridal party, using digital invitations, or stocking the bar yourself. Aimee also offers insight around the possibility of hiring college students for services like live music, photography, videography, or hair and makeup. Listen in for Aimee’s advice on working with a wedding planner to create a cost-effective, experience-based wedding that celebrates you as a couple!

There actually are statistics out there that say, if you have a larger, more expensive wedding, your marriage is less likely to last. - Aimee Palifroni of Prisma EventsClick To Tweet

Topics covered for affordable gay weddings

Aimee’s insight on wedding trends

  • LGBTQ couples more comfortable with the idea
  • More experience- than tradition-based

1. Forgo the bridal party

  • Keep ceremony focused on you as a couple
  • Save on bouquets, boutonnieres + gifts

2. Do reception-style with food stations

  • Opportunity to mix and mingle, incorporate different cuisines
  • Use a mixture of cocktail tables and traditional seating

3. Use digital invitations + RSVP tracking

  • Free options that save time (e.g.: The Knot, Zola)
  • Printed invitation = $2.50 each + cost of stamps

4. Elope!

  • Easy to marry at the courthouse in Colorado
  • A private ceremony followed by a party

5. Stock the bar yourself (if allowed at your venue)

  • Stockpile during the engagement or make part of an engagement party
  • Research local liquor stores for a price match, buy-back program

6. Hire college students to do live music, photography or hair/makeup

  • Support your alma mater or local university
  • Recommendations from faculty, pick best fit

7. Be creative with your venue

Hire a wedding planner

  • Pair with vendors to fit vision + budget
  • Variety of packages, fully enjoy wedding day

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Resources for an affordable gay wedding 

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Dang! Weddings are expensive. Gay weddings can be even more expensive with all the expectations of being uber fabulous. Want to keep your gay wedding under control? Here are 7 tips that can help you keep the costs down. #GayWedding #Gay #GayMen #Wedding #MoneyTips #LGBTBusiness #LGBTQIssues #FabulousGayLife

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Go from anxious to confident with your money. Crisis proof your finances here.