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Gay Sitges, Spain: Debt Free Guys Travel

  May 18, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

Continuing our fun and fabulous travel destinations series, our next amazing vacation was gay Sitges, Spain. I know you expected me to say Ibiza in relation to Spain. While Ibiza was fun and very gay, despite celebrating our straight friends’ marriage in Ibiza, Sitges trumps Ibiza by far.

David had been to Sitges before and thought it would be the ideal spot to unwind from our disco dancing in Ibiza for the previous five nights. He was right!

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After Ibiza, we had to make our way back home from Barcelona. David expected that we’d be partied out and in need of rest, which turned out to be true. So, Barcelona wasn’t high on our list for relaxing.

Instead, we took a train about an hour south of Barcelona to a little seaside town called Sitges. Sitges is a small town overlooked by a large, old church highlighted by a narrow strip of beach that is packed all summer long. It’s a postcard for sure.

The heart of gay Sitges is between two gay bars with outdoor seating that’s the perfect spot for people-watching. It’s the crossroads of “Sashay” and “Shante.” Cue RuPaul’s, Supermodel. The people, mostly men, who walk between the two bars want to see and be seen, of course. This cobblestone catwalk is surrounded by other bars, restaurants, and shops that could take hours to peruse and in the evenings is as populated as the beach is during the day.

We loved the beach during the day. It’s a thin strip that with wood chairs covered with blue and white striped covers. Walking along the boardwalk, one easily gets the vibe that they’ve stepped back into the 1920s except for the beach flooded with well-tanned, muscle men.

We frequently walked to and from our hotel to the heart of the town. One would’ve expected that we had enough sangria after Ibiza, but that’s not possible. Sangria is Spanish sustenance and no one makes it better than the Spanish.

Sitges was a great place to unwind and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a restful trip. Of course, gay men can only rest for so long and there are a few clubs where you can release your energy. While few and small, they were lively and fun. Gay Sitges is a resort town and everyone there, whether Spanish, American, Australian or German and any nationality we didn’t meet was there to have fun and meet people.

Gay Sitges

My fondest memory of Sitges was when David and I each received massages on the beach. While one received his message, the other walked the beach. I certainly enjoyed my massage, but the walk on the beach will forever stay in my memory.

Being surrounded physically by the beauty of Sitges and my mind full of recent memories of our time in Ibiza and Sitges, I reflected on the quality of mine and David’s lives since we became debt free. Since we paid off our credit cards and freed ourselves from financial enslavement.

We were debt free by the time we went to Spain and because of our efforts in planning and saving for our Ibiza and gay Sitges vacation, we’d return home debt free. This freedom added value to our vacation that wouldn’t have been there had we returned with home with debt that needed to be paid off. The post-vacation debt was not a state to which we’d have to return.

Debt Free Guys’ Travel Tip

Our tip here is to make the most of where you travel. The major destinations are always New York City, Rome, Barcelona, London, etc. With a little research and planning, you may find the best part of your visit is off the map. These tucked away places give a different perspective of a country and her people that often less homogenized.

A great way to find these off-the-beaten-path destinations is to set your Facebook, Grindr, Tinder app to your vacation destination and ask the locals you find on social media where the treasures are. Armed with this knowledge, use Google to vet the recommendations you get and plan a one-on-of-a-kind trip, such as gay Sitges.

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  1. I always seek out LGBT venues and folks before I travel. I want to know where it is safe to spend my money, and where I can find friendly faces.

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