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Monday Money Minute: Labor Day Challenge

  September 7, 2015  |    #Eliminate Debt

Today is Labor Day. While you vacation from your labor, are you wondering why and for whom you labor so hard? You weren’t born to simply work, pay bills and die, but it’s an easy cycle in which to get trapped. We wake up early, fight traffic to go to work for someone else, fight traffic to get home, eat, pay bills and go to bed. If we get some healthy, familial interaction, we’re lucky. If we don’t, that’s life. Of course, this is the scenario for many of those lucky enough to labor.

If you’re stuck in a cycle of unemployment or underemployment, you may wish you lived the former scenario. Today we discuss Labor Day and why we labor. Our challenge to you is to shake up your labor between now and next Labor Day so that you do labor that benefits you more, either through more direct compensation, more personal satisfaction or, better yet, both.

See more below.

Do you accept our Labor Day challenge? Will you labor more for yourself by this time next year? Will you break the labor cycle purely for someone else?

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