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Build Wealth in Yourself and the Community

  March 10, 2020  |    #Make Money

How to build wealth   Women are generally paid less than their male counterparts, are often the primary caregivers for children and aging parents and are heavily targeted by advertisers. Sound familiar to anyone in the LGBTQ community? So, how can we all build wealth to level the playing field? Hear the benefits of building …

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How to Retire? 21 Tips for Financial Planning for Retirement

  March 5, 2020  |    #Live Fabulously

Financial planning for retirement Retirement always seems too far away until it isn’t. Retirement planning seems too scary, but here are 21 ways to make financial planning for retirement relevant, easier and fun-ner. What you’ll find here: Have a fabulous retirement Create a long-term financial plan for retirement Create a short-term financial plan to support …

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5 Simple Steps to Financial Forgiveness

  March 3, 2020  |    #Tools

How to forgive yourself for financial mistakes Feeling guilty when you make a money mistake isn’t necessarily bad. It means you care. But some of us get stuck in a shame spiral that impacts our mental health and stops us from making progress. Here are 5 steps to financial forgiveness. Hear 5 tips to financial …

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