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The YOLO Mistake Queer Travelers Are Making

  April 26, 2018  |    #Live Fabulously

What we can learn from queer travelers The Millennial generation is teaching us a thing or two about life. We GenXers and Boomers sacrificed fun and money for our McMansions, five- and six-figure cars and driving the stock market to new highs. Millennial queer travelers, on the other hand, have adopted the ‘You Only Live …

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Investing in LGBTQ Advocacy with Smart Philanthropy

  April 24, 2018  |    #Make Money

LGBTQ advocacy with Tim Gill As a member of the queer community, should you focus on business or LGBTQ advocacy? Should you first ‘make it’ in your career to have the means to give back later? Or, is it best to put your efforts into LGBTQ activism today? Hear Gill share his experiences in career …

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A Surprising Secret to a Better Gay Sex Life

  April 17, 2018  |    #Live Fabulously

Want better gay sex? ‘Talk dirty to me’ may take on a new meaning when you learn that discussing money with your partner leads to a stronger relationship, a better gay sex life (and lesbian, and transgender and straight sex) and greater happiness. How to have better gay sex? We partnered with Honeyfi for a …

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