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Save When Dining Out

The Foodie Fanatics’s Valentine’s Day Plan

Below you’ll find a quick 3-step Valentine’s Day plan for all you foodies.

Step One:

Surprise him with a carb-loaded breakfast in bed before you clean up to hit Bed, Bath & Beyond with all your 20% off coupons to restock your kitchen with the newest and best cooking gadgets. Remember, despite what the BBBY coupon says, it never expires.

Step Two:

After you fill the 20-gallon BBBY plastic bag with all your new kitchen toys, visit your local artisan shop for some charcuterie and other Mediterranean fixings for an elegant lunch at home that would make your favorite cheese-eating surrender monkey jealous.

Step Three:

Finish your day off with grilled steaks, sautéed vegetables and a bottle or two of reasonably priced wine.