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Most Inspiring LGBT Podcast Episodes

  December 26, 2017  |    #Tools

Our favorite LGBT podcast episodes on Queer Money

Year after year, we learn more and more about queer money in the LGBT community. These are our favorite LGBT podcast episodes in 2017 on Queer Money™ about queer money.

Inspiring LGBT podcast episodes about queer money

2017 was a great year for Queer Money™. We had some amazing guests and learned so much about money and queer money. Here’s a highlight of some of the best of the best LGBT podcast episodes of Queer Money™ about queer money.

Listen to the best LGBT podcast episodes of 2017 about LGBT money:

Our favorite LGBT podcast episodes

Queer Money™ LGBT podcast episode 56 – “What We Can Learn from the Daughter of Two Moms

Sponsored by MassMutual, this episode featured Cinara Foor. Cinara is a recent University of Akron graduate of financial planning and even more recently earned her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) license.

Cinara’s story is proof that someone who makes minimal income can get ahead financially.

While in school, she worked as support staff for a financial planner. She still made it a point to contribute to her Roth IRA yearly and bought a home she could afford and will pay off to give to her two moms for their added financial security. What inspired Cinara to become so financially responsible will surely inspire you.

Queer Money™ LGBT podcast episode 73 – “Transgender Model Dominique Jackson Talks about Abundance

Although she’s struggled throughout her life, despite those challenges she never lost sight of her true goals – to be a high fashion model in NYC known as Dominique Jackson. Overcoming molestation by her priest and being marginalized by her community in Tobago, Dominque believed in herself enough to make her dreams her reality. Today she’s living the life of her dreams, and giving back to her community by donating her time at Destination Tomorrow in The Bronx.

Queer Money™ LGBT podcast episode 37 – “Emil Wilbekin, Modern Renaissance Man

Emil was an out, gay man in the world of hip-hop and publishing in the early 1990s. We forget today how challenging that was, but Emil blazed trails that many of us are fortunate to walk today. His money quote from this Queer Money™ episode is, “It’s not about being comfortable. It’s about finding your way through the discomfort.”

Emil became the Chief Editor of Quincy Jones’ hip-hop magazine, Vibe. He quickly caught the attention and respect of some of the world’s leading hip-hop artists, including Puff Daddy and Lenny Kravitz all while being out and proud. His story is an example of being able to overcome adversity and being yourself.

Queer Money™ LGBT podcast episode 54 – “One-Million Reasons Why Gay Couples Should Get Married

Another Queer Money™ episode sponsored by Mass Mutual features David Freitag of Mass Mutual. David shared with us the financial value of same-sex couples marrying and qualifying for both Social Security Spousal and Survivor benefits that could give them or the surviving spouse an additional $1 million in retirement. With many in the queer community struggling with financial insecurity, simply saying “I do” could mean having enough money to enjoy retirement.

Our Favorite Quotes from our favorite LGBT podcast episodes

Queer Money™ LGBT podcast episode 61 – “5 Steps to Prepare for Financial Emergencies in Your Sleep

We realized the things that we really wanted in life were being prevented by the debt we had taken on. – John Schneider

So many of us today think that acquiring things and having experiences are what makes life enjoyable, but these often mask by our financial situation and create an ongoing cycle of overspending and increase financial insecurity.

One of our biggest learnings after paying off our debt was how much money we truly had when we weren’t paying $10,000 in interest payments. We were making more money than we realized, but this wasn’t apparent when we were spending thousands in interest payments.

Queer Money™ LGBT podcast episode 70 – “Retraining Your Brain

When you have an implicit belief … that you can’t do it, but you’re declaring to other people that you can—that’s chaos. – JR Badian

There needs to be true alignment with what you’re telling the universe, or god, yourself and others. When there’s doubt in your soul, it crushes personal progress. When there’s an implicit “I can’t,” you don’t give it all. Your success won’t be to the degree that you want it, or it’ll take you longer than it otherwise could have.

Queer Money™ LGBT podcast episode 60 – “How to Live Fabulously According to Patrick L Riley

You can live your best life just as it is… It’s all in the lens by which you experience it, and it’s all in the lens by which you chronicle it. I try to experience and chronicle from the space of possibilities and positivity. – Patrick L Riley

Too many of us today are consumed by our circumstance. But, as Lisa Nichols says, our circumstances aren’t a life sentence. We can overcome them. If anyone in similar circumstances as us has achieved what we want to achieve, our outlook is the reason we don’t achieve success. Patrick’s story highlights this plainly.

Queer Money™ LGBT podcast episode 74 – “IM Creative Leaders Talk Being In Love and In Business As a Gay Couple

Our money isn’t covered in glitter or pink when it comes out of our wallet. It looks just like everyone else’s. But what’s queer about our money is the responsibility that we hold to where we put that money at any given moment. – Shannon Morrison

This quote embodies the whole reason the Debt Free Guys™ do what we do. This is why we have Debt Free Guys™ and Queer Money™. This is why we fly around the country to speak to the queer community.

Our financial security can and will dictate our social progress. A strong queer community requires financially strong queer individuals and allies.

Join us for more Queer Money™ in 2018 to join our strong queer community.

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