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What You Can Learn from the Daughter of Two Moms

  June 29, 2017  |    #Make Money

The Wisdom of the Daughter of Two Moms

This daughter of two moms will challenge every negative stereotype you’ve heard about children growing up with same-sex parents. 

Meet Cinara Foor, Financial Planner and Daughter of Two Lesbians

How many 21-year-olds do you know who have invested in a Roth IRA and own their own home? Today you’ll meet an aspiring financial planner who is well-versed in keeping, investing and growing her money as she works toward financial independence – despite a seemingly negative experience with family finance in her youth. The daughter of two moms adopted from China when she was nine months old, Cinara Foor is well on her way to achieving success in an industry dominated by men as she seeks to educate clients about money management, insurance coverage and investment planning.

Cinara is a recent graduate of the University of Akron, receiving her BBA in Corporate Finance and Financial Planning. She is working as a personal assistant at MassMutual Financial Group and studying for the CFP and Series 7 exams with aspirations to become a financial planner, eventually returning to either graduate or law school.

Cinara’s unique experiences growing up as the child of two moms led her to the financial planning industry, and today she shares her experience being raised by same-sex parents, how their bankruptcy was both the best and worst thing to happen to her, and why finance professionals didn’t know how to serve her family. Listen in for Cinara’s advice to young listeners about college and finance, and how she has overcome the limiting beliefs about money typically held by those with a minority background.

Queer Money™ by Mass Mutual

Listen to this episode of Queer Money:

Topics covered with a daughter of two moms

The moments that led to Cinara’s interest in financial planning

  • Watching two moms navigate legal situations traditional couples didn’t deal with (i.e.: power of attorney, estate planning)
  • Parents went through bankruptcy her junior year of high school

Cinara’s experience being raised by two moms

  • Didn’t realize she wasn’t ‘normal,’ other kids didn’t care
  • Friends’ parents invented reasons why couldn’t come over
  • Moms incredibly supportive, Cinara never felt limited
  • Both moms involved in community activism

Cinara’s unique educational experiences

  • Attended PCMS Montessori school through eighth grade
  • Given the freedom to pursue interests, work at own pace
  • Transitioned to very large public high school
  • Participated in DECA, business program to achieve college credit
  • Always put in situations where had the opportunity to thrive
  • Currently studying for CFP, Series 7 exams

Cinara’s beliefs around money growing up

  • Very conservative early on
  • Read about young entrepreneurs
  • Determined to get a certificate of deposit in middle school
  • Fascinated with investments
  • Money not talked about in household

How Cinara approaches limiting beliefs around money typically held by minorities

  • Surround self with the right people to allow for optimism
  • Set up for financial freedom via Roth IRA, investment in house

Cinara’s introduction to financial planning as a career

  • Finance major interested in corporate track
  • Professor steered to explore the career path of a financial planner
  • Heard Carina Diamond speak about financial literacy, independence

The evolution of financial planning as an industry

  • Often portrayed as cut-throat, impersonal
  • Holistic plans require a financial planner to take on the role of counselor

Cinara’s advice for young listeners around money and college

  • Take full advantage of the scholarship, financial aid opportunities
  • Start saving now
  • Consider a Roth IRA
  • Pay off your credit cards each month to avoid interest
  • Live within your means

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