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Dominique Jackson on Love, Life & Abundance

  July 2, 2020  |    #Live Fabulously

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Dominique Jackson

To see Dominique Jackson now, you may think she came from an easy life. Now a model, author, and activist in the LGBTQIA+ community, Dominique has had anything but. Free yourself from financial anxiety, too, with the free  7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher here.

This is Dominique Jackson

This is the story of Dominique Jackson, how she started out life on a small island in the Caribbean with a rough start. Knowing that her life could end at any moment there, she moved to America at a young age.

She worked hard, many years for free, to make it into the ballroom scene. From there, she catapulted into stardom, finally landing in a place she felt safe and accepted, finally after all these years.

Dominique Jackson’s acting career

Dominique made her acting debut in 2009’s Christopher Street: The Series as a health specialist. It took a few years before she played her next roles, both in 2015. First, in the TV series Call Me and then in her first documentary as herself in My TRUTH, My STORY: A Caribbean LGBTQ+ Oral History Project created by the Caribbean Equality Project, to which you can donate here.

From there, she again appeared as herself in several episodes of the reality television series Strut. It was then that her career really took off, landing her the starring role of Elektra Abundance in the FX series Pose, about the NYC ballroom subculture scene.

Pose was a smash-hit and put the series into the spotlight as, reported by Deadline in 2017, the first scripted series with the largest group of transgender actors. Pose is still running with Jackson remaining in the starring role.

She is now a guest judge on the new ball culture reality competition series, Legendary. Most recently, Jackson has landed the role of Ms. World in the TV series American Gods, with the first season coming fall of 2020 on Starz.

Dominique’s star may be getting brighter, too. Yahoo recently reported, X-Men fans are petitioning Marvel Comics to cast Dominique as Black weather master, Storm. Dominique shared on Instagram, “Thank you all 4 making my day. I have always looked to Storm as representation of my true self!”

Dominique Jackson as a child

Life wasn’t so easy for Dominique. She started out as a young boy in Trinidad and Tobago. As young as the age of four, she knew she was different. Expecting love, compassion, and understanding from her own family, she was instead met with homophobia and transphobia.

Her love for dance started young and was always met with stern voices from family members reminding her she is a boy and needed to act accordingly. Undeterred, she continued to act as the spirited young girl she knew she was.

After being molested by the priest at her church, she realized that in order to survive, she had to leave. The faith she had was being tested by the abuse, and her safety was in jeopardy. Her mother had already moved on, settling in the U.S., so Dominique followed her as a young teen.

Initially, Dominique hid who she truly was inside. She was the youngest in her class, and though she excelled in school, she knew she had to face reality as puberty started. For years, she refused to call herself transgender, grappling with embarrassment, harassment, and family shame.

As Out reported in a feature of Dominique in 2020, She credits ballroom, with saving her life, where she became Tyra Allure Ross Margiela, with saving her life. Her lifelong love for dance shone through and she quickly became a star on the dance floor. She was still struggling as an illegal immigrant (she didn’t get her green card until 2015) and had to turn to sex work to make ends meet.

Dominique Jackson talks about abundance on Queer Money®:

Dominique Jackson may be a well-known model and actress now, but she came from poor beginnings. Like many, she’s made mistakes along the way with money. She was featured in 2017 on Queer Money®, where she talked about her struggles and how she overcame them.

Hear Dominique Jackson on Queer Money®:

On this episode of Queer Money®, Dominique Jackson tells her story of overcoming feelings of suicidal ideation to living her truth. She knew from an early age that she was female, however was born in a male body. Rather than accept her, her family in Tobago tried to have her deny who she really was.

Unable to live her life as she felt she should, Dominique moved to the United States, following her mother who had already settled there. She continued to struggle as she reached puberty and had to make a tough decision – conform or continue to live her authentic self.

Dominique talks about these struggles and feelings of worthlessness, and the light she continued to see at the end of the tunnel. She pushed herself to focus on her future as a model and actress, living with a mindset of abundance rather than lacking.

Dominique’s money story

Dominique found herself in the place where models are made, New York City. Knowing that she would eventually grace billboards in Times Square and reach her goals of modeling and acting was one thing. Getting to that point was where the struggle began.

Without a safety net of friends and family to fall back on, Dominique dealt with homelessness as she battled to stay afloat before her star would rise. She took modeling jobs, often for free, knowing that her day would come.

Though it paid off for her in the end, she still ended up racking up credit card debt in the process. Her lack of self-worth made saving any money she did make seem pointless, so she spent – even when she didn’t have the money.

Dominique’s activism

Living as she has, dealing with transphobia and homophobia both in the Caribbean and America, Dominique has always had the mindset to give back. This is why she’s dedicated herself to activism for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Dominique’s success on the ballroom floor, runway and movie set gives her celebrity status, a role she takes seriously. Leveraging that status, she’s able to showcase causes that need a platform few can provide.

She was the 2019 Pride Keynote Speaker and has served on the Community Health Program Board at the Montefiore South Bronx Healthcare Clinic for several years. Dominique also partners with Destination Tomorrow, a foundation in the Bronx that helps queer youth of color become self-sufficient, empowered through financial literacy and navigating resources available to people in the community.

Hear Sean Coleman of  Destination Tomorrow on Queer Money®:

Dominique Jackson’s personal life

In 2016, Dominique married her husband, long-time partner, Al Jackson, in a ceremony televised during an episode of Strut. Never shy about being one of the firsts, she was one of, if not the first transgender to get married on TV, as reported by Oxygen.

Claiming her relationship for the world to see was important to Dominique. Normalizing marriage, especially once it was legalized in the U.S., is something many in the gay community want to see. Watching Dominique marry Al on Strut was just another way to show that this community loves just like the straight community.

In early 2020, she responded to a tweet revealing that she and Al had separated and they finalized their divorce in 2018. Today, she is dating Edwin, who took the now-famous July 2019 video posted to Instagram, with Dominique advising, “get the shoes baby, get the shoes.” You may have even seen the trending #GTSBGTS, which originated from that video.

Dominique Jackson net worth

It’s hard to say what Jackson’s net worth is, but it continues to grow as her career gains traction. Dominique is now 55 years old, and she still looks young and fabulous!

Her net worth today is reported to be anywhere from $1 million to $5 million, though some estimate it much lower and closer to $100,000.

With a few projects in the works, it’s safe to say her net worth will only continue to grow. And since she’s learned from her past debt mistakes, we’re sure she’ll be spending and investing those dollars wisely.

Dominique Jackson’s fabulous life today

With several projects on the books, the future is looking bright for Dominique Jackson. Be sure to catch her in her new roles: guest judge on Legendary and playing Ms. World in American Gods, both out in 2020. Then, keep your fingers crossed you see her as Storm in an upcoming Marvel Comics movie.

5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

She continues to speak her truth and tell her painful story to shed light on the life of transgender individuals. Jackson is committed to being an activist and face for the LGBTQIA+ community, honoring speaking engagements and giving a voice to those who are struggling.

She is especially vocal about normalizing transgender people to reduce hate crimes and improve access to health care. Through her acting and modeling, Jackson has been open about the struggles she and other transgender people have dealt with, even from their own community, as reported on

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Dominique Jackson future and next steps

Dominique is a busy lady, and she continues to build her entrepreneurial empire through dance, modeling, writing and acting.

Her newly launched brand, Get the Shoes Baby, hopes to bring self-confidence and recognition to people through the power of shoes. Dominique has always viewed shoes as the base of an outfit, and she wants others to use this platform as a way for strength and empowerment.

If you would like to see Dominique grace your screen as Storm, be sure to sign the petition. With close to 15,000 signatures at the time of writing, we hope that Disney honors the request so we can see her in action.

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