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9+ Perfect Gay Wedding Gift Ideas

  April 15, 2021  |    #Live Fabulously

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The best gay wedding gifts ideas ever

Not much is more stressful than attending a gay wedding. The couple has everything, and everything they have is fabulous. This list of 9+ gay wedding gift ideas is your life raft to this spring and summer’s gayest weddings. Help you gents build a happy life together with the  5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

Why gay wedding gift ideas are so unique

Gay marriage has been legal across the US since 2004. We all watched in anticipation (or fear) as equality migrated from coast to coast and became the law of the land in June 2015.

We were guaranteed by reputable sources of all stripes that the end was nigh. Armageddon was here! The worst that’s actually come out of gay marriage is an affirmation that we gays don’t want pizza at our unicorn-themed nuptials.

None of the end-of-days prophesized materialized. What we weren’t warned about was the other-worldly predicament of buying a wedding gift for a gay or lesbian couple who’s more fabulous than they were five minutes ago or been together longer than the duration of Kim Davis’ four marriages.

Traditionally (yes, not the best word), wedding gifts were given to youngins with nothing. Loved ones bought newlyweds all the garlic peelers, salad tossers and 700-count sheets tagged by the betrothed’s scanner gun.

Times have changed. What gifts do you buy for the not-so-new newlyweds or the gay couple with so much of everything you question your life decisions?

Here’s our list of 9 (the # of universal love) gay wedding gift ideas to make every newlywed happy they bought you a free dinner.

Wedding gifts for gay couples

1. Great sleep and better sex with DreamCloud

What better gifts to give a newly married gay couple than those?

The Men’s Health-approved DreamCloud mattress is an 8-layer hybrid mattress made with memory foam, including its TrueTufted™ Top, and coils. It’s designed to cradle your body on a plush surface for that great sleep while giving support and superior spine alignment for great sex.

DreamCloud’s good for heavyweight sleepers, back-sleepers, those with chronic back pain and those who struggle to get in and out of bed due to their pain – not their spouse, their back. Plus, DreamCloud has a 5-star rating for providing the perfect place for man-on-man action – SEX. Best of all for the gift-giver, you, it comes with a 365-day warranty.


Use our special link here to get $200 off the cost of your bed, plus 50% off bedding and bases.

2. Luxurious sleeping with Nest Bedding

Turn your dream bed into a heavenly dream with Nest Bedding. Nest Bedding produces quality, eco-friendly bedding right here in the US. It offers a 100-day money-back guarantee, too!

Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding’s customized Easy Breather Pillow is its highest-rated pillow and comes in at only $99. Its luxury duvet and sheets are organic, and both come in at $129 each.

Dress your bed with beautiful Nest Bedding tonight. Remember to use discount code COZYNEST here to get 10% off your order.

3. Easy cooking with Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening 15-Piece Knife Set

Nothing makes cooking a meal for loved ones easier than a quality knife set. That’s why we love Calphalon’s Classic Self-Sharpening 15-Piece Knife Set with its automatic, ceramic sharpener. We also love the labeled handles that make it easy to know which knife cuts what.

Calphalon Knife Set

Your gay grooms will be thrilled and ready to cook a mean meal the next time you’re invited for dinner, all at the great price of $179.99.

4. Spice and flavor with Cole & Mason Salt & Pepper Grinders

These modern Cole & Mason salt and pepper grinders with stainless-steel finishes each have six settings so the dynamic duo can choose how coarse or fine they salt and pepper. Plus, they’re refillable, so there’s less plastic in our oceans.

Cole & Mason Salt & Pepper Grinders

If you’re looking for an affordable yet useful gift, you can’t go wrong with this salt and pepper grinder set at $50.88.

5. 4-piece pre-season Cuisinel cast iron skillet set

Some foods, like Coq Au Vin, goulash and paella, are best cooked on the stove or in the oven in a cast-iron skillet like this Cuisine set. We dare you to get this set for your gay groom, get invited to dinner at their house and prove us wrong.

Cast Iron Skillet Set

This set demonstrates superior craftsmanship and, with Cuisinel’s 1-year, no-hassle guarantee, you and your grooms will be happy at $78.99.

6. The Joy of Cooking Full-Grain Nubuck Suede Yellow Leather

With over 18 million copies sold since it was first published back in 1937, The Joy of Cooking with over 4,500 recipes and a hell of a lot of history, is the Bible of all-purpose American cooking. In fact, the late, great Julia Child said it’s “a fundamental resource for any American cook.”

Give even more quality with this wedding present by giving your grooms a full-grain, Nubuck suede yellow leather copy.

Joy of Cooking

Not only will this copy of The Joy of Cooking be a daily culinary resource, but it’ll also be a conversation piece when your grooms host guests. That’s a lot of value for $164.

7. Epicurious Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven

Comfort food fuels the soul, and nothing cooks comfort food quite like an authentic Dutch Oven.

Italian Wedding Soup, seasoned roasted chicken, savory lamb Bolognese, rich braised short ribs, lumpy mashed potatoes and fresh crunchy bread are just some of the heart-warming foods your hobby chefs will cook with this wedding gift.

Epicurious Dutch Oven

Help the newlyweds complete their kitchen with this Epicurious Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven currently available at the great price of $49.99.

8. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Forte Stemware Collection

We and our friends like wine, and we’ve consequently gone through several sets of wine glasses.

We’ve now resorted to more durable wine glasses, like this Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Forte Stemware Collection. The combo of chip, scratch and break-resistant Tritan technology and tempering make these glasses durable but not clunky.

Schott Zwiesel Stemware

Start with a full set of one varietal at under $60 or get a complete set for all varietals because these smart and sleek glasses last a long time longer than most marriages.

9. Sonos Home Theater System

If the husbands-to-be are worthy hosts, music fans or movie buffs, they’ll be extremely happy with a Sonos Home Theater Surround Sound System. Sonos speakers are state-of-the-art and, with its prize-winning app, Sonos is an amazing 360-surround sound experience.

Sonos Home Theater System

This speaker set is one of the more expensive recommendations on our list, but even at $1,650, they’ll give your dandies days and nights of quality music and movies.

Lesbian wedding gifts

Lesbian Wedding Gift Ideas

We shan’t forget about lady duos! Their weddings and lives together deserve as fabulousness as the boyz.

Here are some of the best lesbian wedding gift ideas we’ve found. Of course, most every gift on this list is LGBTQ-, lady- and lad-friendly. But these gifts are especially for the ladies . . .

1. Duo Nova Instant Pot 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

This Duo Nova Instant Pot combines seven appliances in one: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer and yogurt maker, and consistently makes healthy and delicious meals. Your budding brides will have nothing to worry about, either with Duo Nova’s 10+ “set it and forget it” features.

With access to over 1,000 recipes on the Duo Nova app, new wives are set for years of delicious dinners, even on their busiest days. That’s a lot to love for $99.99.

2. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera (White) with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology

Retro’s cool, again. That makes this Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera both cool and hip. Print out pictures in minutes, like days of yore or save them on an internal file for uploading later. Your brides can combine the best of yesterday and today in one photographic tool.

With its modern, yet retro style and the novelty of printed photos on-demand, the new wives will get years of fun out of your $69.99 wedding gift.

3. HappyPicnic ‘Huntsman’ Willow Picnic Hamper for 4

There are those who have a picnic and eat among ants. Then, there are those who picnic in style. Help the new brides picnic in style with this stylish and complete HappyPicnic ‘Huntsmanperson’ Willow Picnic Hamper.

With enough settings (flatware, plates, glasses, napkins) to serve four, complete with corkscrew, salt and pepper shakers, cheese board and cutlery roll, your brides can have an intimate picnic in the park for two or a darling double date for four.

That’s a lifetime of memories well worth $114.95.

4. Garden Tool Tote Bag with 11 Piece Hand Tools

If your all-girl power couple likes to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, they’ll love, love, love this Garden Tool Tote Bag with 11-Piece Hand Tools for just $83.95. The solid bag easily transports a foldable knee mat, specialized Digging Claw gardening gloves, trowel, grass fork, transplanter, rake, cultivator, pruning shears and plastic garden sprayer.

Nothing beats fresh from the garden tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkin. Give the gift of healthy eating and activity with this complete gardening set.

5. Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Bundle

If she and she are crafty they’ll both love the Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Bundle with its die-cutting machine that cuts anything from paper to iron-on and felt to indoor decals. The bundle comes with a spatula, weeder, scraper, scissors and tweezers, eight sheets of Cricut Vinyl (colors vary) and two sheets of transfer paper all for $279.99.

Give them hours of fun and creativity and the tools to get more mileage out of what they have with this state-of-the-art hobby kit.

Wedding gifts for older gay couples

Older Gay Couple Wedding Gift Ideas

The older, gay grooms have been around the block more than once. They may even have been down the aisle once or twice (more below). They probably both come to the alter with a household of goods to kickstart their new lives together.

So, conjuring up the perfect gay wedding gift ideas for the older, gay grooms may be a little hard – until now.

1. Custom Engraved Whiskey Gifts 9 Premium Designs

As whiskey gets better with age, we like whiskey more as we age. For the older gay couple on your summer wedding list, gift them a custom engraved whiskey set.

This whiskey set comes with a personalized decanter, personalized highballs, chilling stones with tongs all in a personalized box to store their chilling stones.

Great for also serving bourbon and scotch, your gray, gay grooms will love your love and you’ll love the $110.00 price.

2. Travel at home with a house swap

House-swap is wife swap with less drama. That’s a good thing. Best of all, house swapping has never been easier. Let your loves see how the locals live in other cities and countries by buying a membership to Love Home Swap.

It’s super-simple. Your newlygays create their profile, including the types of housing, accommodations, cities and countries where they like to travel. They’ll include the details of the home or homes they can offer in swaps and start swiping left or right (not exactly) depending on where they want to go.

5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

For as little as $10 a month, the world is their home away from home thanks to you.

3. Be non-traditional with traditional anniversary gifts

Each wedding anniversary is associated with a traditional gift: paper for year one, aluminum for year ten (“Here’s a Coca Cola!”) and China for year 20. There are many sites with gift ideas that help with this tradition. Use them to inspire gay wedding gift ideas.

For example, if we got married this year, our friends would buy us gifts of silk and linen or the modern interpretation — pearls. A pearl neckless is a gay man’s best friend.

4. Local show, event or concert tixx

Nothing beats a live show, whether Off-Broadway, Red Rocks in Colorado or a local dive bar. The older we get, though, the less tolerant we are of the shenanigans in GA. And we’re not alone.

That’s why your older newlyweds will appreciate you buying them good seats to an upcoming show, whether a stage play, musical or concert.

Get their tickets at

With its 100%, 200% and 225% money-back guarantees for canceled yet not rescheduled events, you can’t go wrong with finding the perfect show as the perfect wedding gift on

5. Learn a new skill

Continued learning is good for the brain. Help those gray and gay grooms keep learning with a Masterclass membership. Masterclass is the premier online education platform to learn from the best.

What will they learn? How about upping their culinary game with cooking classes by Gordon Ramsey?

Or, inspiring their spinning skills with a mixing class with Timbaland?

Or, getting them a little more pro with their photography with a photo class taught by Annie Leibovitz?

Masterclass all-access passes currently cost $180 a year or $15 a month.

Wedding gift for the couple who has everything

Gay Wedding Gift Ideas for the couple who has everything

We get it. It seems like the boys have the best of everything. Whether that’s fact or fiction is debatable. But, if it feels like you have the impossible task of buying the perfect gift for that couple who already has everything, here’s a list of amazing gifts they probably don’t have.

1. All-Clad H911SA64 Essentials Nonstick Cookware set

Your gay gents probably already have cookware but if they don’t have All-Clad cookware, their cookware is second best – and that’s not the best. That’s why this 10-piece All-Clad cookware set is tops on our list.

This complete All-Clad set comes complete with both an 8.5 inch and a 10.5-inch fry pan, 4-quart sauté pan with a lid, 2.5-quart saucepan with a lid, 7-quart stockpot with a lid and a multi-purpose insert, 13-inch square pan and two bonus trivets.

For 452.49, these stovetop-to-oven-to-tabletop pots and pans make the perfect gay wedding gift.

2. Breville the Barista Pro BES878 Automatic Espresso Machine w/Integrated Conical Burr Grinder

Give your boys the experience of café-quality coffee every morning with Breville the Barista Pro Automatic Espresso Machine. Every morning when they sip their java, they’ll think of you.

With its intuitive interface and integrated conical burr grinder, your boyz will be happy baristas in no time. That lifetime of happiness makes the $899.95 price tag worth it.

3. BeerDroid Fully Automated Beer Brewing System

Let the not-so-new couple play mad scientists and brewmasters all in one with the BeerDroid Fully Automated Beer Brewing System for $446.60.

The BeerDroid is the world’s first fully automated personal brewer and brews up to 2.6 gallons of the most delicious beer with the push of a button. What makes this gift even better is that BeerDroid connects with the BrewArt app to let your masters of hops monitor and control their brew.

All the hip hoppity fun starts right here.

4. Nest (T3007ES) Learning Thermostat

Are your older grooms always playing with the thermostat to find their Goldilocks’ temperate?

Hotter. Colder. Colder. Hotter. (Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. Oops, sorry!)

Give them a gift to keep their marriage together. Give them the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat.

Not only is the latest Nest Learning Thermostat stylish, modern and smart (it’s not husband material), it saves energy and money. That’s good for the environment and the wallet, which is why it’s a steal at $249.00.

5. Pyrex Simply Store Glass Storage Starter Set

It’s nearly impossible to keep a top for every bottom. You know what we mean.

Every house has it, that cabinet of mismatched containers – some purchased for storage, some repurposed for storage.

Help your newlyweds start their new lives with an organized, clean and matching food storage set with two to three sets of the 24-set Pyrex Simply Store Glass Containers.

An organized food storage cabinet makes this $42.99 gift weeeeell worth it.

Last-minute ideas for gay couples

Last minute Gay Wedding Gift Ideas

You either just got your invitation or decided to go and you need a gift in a jiff? Try these last-minute gay wedding gift ideas.

1. Color portable instant photo printer

Once upon a time, pictures came on paper you could touch, feel and smell. Let your gay grooms get artistic with this Polaroid wireless mobile photo printer that’s so small it’s portable.

The Polaroid ZIP is fast and easy (like many of their ex’s)  and connects to any smart device to turn any portrait, selfie, nature or action shot into a touchable, tangible 2X3 with a sticky backside for posting anywhere anytime. The Polaroid ZIP runs $79.99.

2. KitchenAid 5-Qt. Artisan Design Series Stand

They need the gift of knead. Every full- or part-time, pro and amateur baker yearns for a solid mixer, which is exactly what the KitchenAid Artisan Design Series Mixer is.

This beautiful solid piece will shine brightly in any kitchen and make eaters full of breads, cakes, pies, waffles, cupcakes, pancakes and more. In fact, for $349.99, this KitchenAid yields 4 ½ loaves of bread in one mixing!

3. Home remodel

Gays put the gay in “gentrifigaytion”. Whether with Home Depot or Lowes gift cards or the purchase of a particular furnishing, help raise your homos property values with reward points for all their gift card giving needs.

4. Ice cream and gelato maker

How do you top the most delicious cake made in a state-of-the-art mixer? With ice cream, of course. What’s better than ice cream? Gelato.

Give your boyz the best of both types of tops with this Cuisinart Ice Cream and Gelato Maker.

This 2-quart capacity ice cream and gelato maker yields favorites like mint chocolate chip and strawberry, as well as creative concoctions like Guinness and ricotta stregata.  At $139.00, the indulgence is endless.

5. A bottle, a case or a tasting of wine

A gift of wine never feels last minute. Just smart.

Give your new grooms a high-quality bottle of wine or a custom-selected case of wine with selections chosen by you or let them take a virtual tasting tour hosted by

Not sure what wine to buy? No worries.’s wine experts are available via chat, email and phone to help you select the perfect wine as the perfect gay wedding gifts for your perfect grooms.

Wedding gifts for second marriages

Wedding gifts for second marriages

What if this is a second+ marriage for either groom? What could two people who probably have everything even want for their wedding gift? Here are some select gay wedding gift ideas.

1. Candy jars

No doubt your older boys got their hands caught in the cookie jar once or twice. Help them organize, colorize and sweeten their lives with multiples of this parlor-quality candy jar.

At $25.99, buy as few or as many as you want and come away from the gay wedding day a gay wedding gift giving winner.

2. Sushi and Sake Sets

For those few times a year the couple brings home sushi for lunch or dinner, help them eat their eastern cuisine in style with this beautiful, turquoise green sushi set and separate sake set.

This 6-piece set comes with two 8″ x 5″ plates, two 3″ square sauce dishes and two pairs of chopsticks for $49.99.

Complete your gift with this 5-piece ceramic set that comes with one sake server and four sake cups for $23.99.

3. BRASS TACKS Leathercraft Men’s Waxed Canvas Vintage Overnight Duffel Weekend Bag

Your men in matrimony will surely enjoy quick weekend get-a-ways from time to time. Keep them in style with his and his BRASS TACKS Leathercraft Men’s Waxed Canvas Vintage Overnight Duffel Weekend Bag.

With three unique and manly colors, each gent gets his own bag and matches the other for only $99.80 a piece.

4. Luminarc Assorted Craft Brew Beer Glasses

If your boys are beer lovers, they’ll love this complete craft brew glass beer set for $34.99 a box. Each glass is perfectly designed to optimize the taste and smell of their favorite brew, be it pilsner, stout/porter, ale, lager or wheat.

Four to six sets of this variety box will prep your grooms for every type of beer for any number of peeps.

5. Ring Video Doorbell

Make your new grooms feel like stars with the Ring Video Doorbell. No longer do you need to be a corporate CEO or A-List celeb to have an intercom, video and doorbell system for screening visitors.

With easy installation, motion-activated alerts and smartphone functionality, this gift will be a winner for the gays who hate answering their door.

Wedding gifts for men

Wedding gifts for second marriages

Boys, even gay boys, will be boys. Men, even gay men, are men who like manly things. Below are a few gifts for the gay men in your life who love men and manly things.

1. Star Trek Tiki Glasses

From Star Trek to Star Wars to Battle Star Galactica, gay geeks geek out and we love ‘em. Give your duo of nerds these collectible Tiki-style ceramic cups that commemorate their fav Sci-Fi shows and characters.

At $19.99 a pop and dozens of characters to pick from, you’ll make them happy for years to come with hours of geekdom near and far and far beyond.

2. Custom Engraved 5 Piece Rabbit Bunny Ear Wine Tool Opener Accessories Gift Box Set

Sticking with our mini-drinking theme, help the boys be the hosts with the mosts with this stylish wine tool set housed in an engraved box. This box set includes a “rabbit style” corkscrew, replacement screw, drip collar, decanting pourer, stopper and a plastic foil cutter.

With nine colors and over eight monogram options, at $39.99, you’re sure to find a combo to suit every gay groom.

3. Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

We love our men with muscle and hair, but sometimes that hair must be tamed and sometimes it must disappear. Help your groom and groom have the clean faces or scruff they’ll love with this deluxe shave kit.

This deluxe shave kit, for $69.90, comes with a safety razor, badger hairbrush, canvas and leather Dopp kit, shave stand, alum block, stainless steel shave bowl, shave soap and Astra razor blades.

That’s a lot for a little all for the best.

4. Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

From can’t-miss meetings to workout-worthy beats, your grooms will love a set of these Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones. They have Bluetooth capability, 9-hours of listening time and are sweat-resistant.

With volume and track controls in each ear, voice capability and auto play/pause, this is as high-tech as earphones get today. For $249.95, they should be.

5. Professional Wine and Cocktail Mixing Bar Set

Every first-class host needs a first-class wine and cocktail bar set. Gift your grooms this fabulous, 16-piece, complete bar set for $29.99.

Your gift has a large, 25-ounce stainless steel shaker, ice bucket, muddler, double-sided jigger, 4 liquor bottle pourers, Hawthorne strainer and conical strainer. This is the complete mixology set your duo needs.

Wedding gifts for couples

Wedding gifts for couples

When going to gay weddings, you’re either Team Groom or Team Groom, but what if you play for both teams? What gay wedding gifts do you get them then?

Here are a few gay wedding gift ideas with both boys in mind.

1. “The Patterns of Frank Lloyd Wright” Wooden Dominoes Board Game

Drinking games in style is the best way to do drinking games, and what better style than wooden dominoes in the pattern of Frank Lloyd Wright? What better price for this beautiful set than $28.58?

This 28-double-sided piece set with designs by the famed architect on one side and classic domino dots on the other is all stylishly packaged in a slide-top wooden box for stylish storage.

2. Shanik Cheese Board with 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

The best thing to pair with a man is a man. The best thing to pair with wine is cheese.

Give your gay guys the cheesiest serving set with this Shanik cheese board and 7-piece stainless steel cutlery set for $54.99.

This cheese board is an Acacia wood charcuterie board and cheese serving platter with a slide-out board for the 8-piece, stainless steel cutlery set; three ceramic bowls for fruits; nuts and meats; and a double-sided marble blade.

That’s an all-in-one gift for both your grooms.

3. His & His Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Warm Fleece Robe with Hood, Plush Sherpa Big and Tall Bathrobe

After a good night’s sleep or tryst in bed, help you gay guyz keep comfy cozy with a set of his and his fleece robes by Alexander Del Rossa. Each robe has a hood to keep those heads warm and is lined with plush 330 GSM coral fleece.

Smartest of all, these robes come with both an inner and an outer tie closure to keep their robes secure no matter how they twist, turn or bend before, during or after their tryst. Get a set of two here for under $120.00.

4. Haotian Bar Cart

Serving top-notch food, wine and spirits to top-notch friends mean style and convenience all on wheels. Wow, your grooms with this stylish Haotian bar serving cart.

This stylish industrial vintage serving trolley features a wine rack for four bottles and hanging glass storage for six wine glasses all for $118.95.

5. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

The last thing your boys want after a raucous party or long week of work is to clean the house. So, make it so they never have to sweep or vacuum again.

Give them this iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum with WiFi and Alexa capabilities.

Yes, $429.99 seems a hefty price, but with its ability to clean pet hair, carpets and hardwood floors, that’s a good investment of time for every newlywed couple. Choose styles and features here.

5 ways to use and save at Crate & Barrel for wedding gifts for gay men

5 ways to use and save at Crate & Barrel for wedding gifts for gay men

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or searching for a gift for someone else’s, it’s good to know how to use the tools that save you money with premier brands. Below are seven tips for saving money for a wedding gift for yourself or when you buy one for someone else.

1. Sign up for C&B’s newsletter

Sign up for Crate & Barrel’s email newsletter to get current offers, sales and news sent immediately and directly to your inbox. Every now and then, Crate & Barrel shares on social and email ways to save money (all the more reason to follow @crateandbarrel on social).

2. Shop the special offers and rebates section

Crate & Barrel offers in their Special Offers & Rebates section to incent customers to shop. Incentives include gift cards with purchases. For example, get a $30 gift card with the purchase of a KitchenAid Mixer, like our rec above, or 30% off a Calphalon knife set.

3. Never pay to ship

Never pay for shipping by reviewing the Free Shipping section of Then, only order the items you need once there’s no cost to ship.

4. Create a registry

When you set up a wedding registry with C&B, you’ll get their 15% completion credit for three months after your wedding. This discount can be applied to anything left on your registry as well as additional items in the store or online. Plus, any purchase over $99 comes with free delivery.

5. Add the Honey extension to your computer

Download the free Honey extension here to your browser (available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari) because Honey scours the internet for any applicable sales, including C&B, and applies the best available coupon code to your purchase. Thus, helping you save even more money on yours or anyone else’s wedding.

How to save money at Crate & Barrel using gift cards and cash

Whether you’re giving the gay wedding couple more gift for less money or you’re the gay newlyweds getting more mileage from your stash of wedding cash, buying discounted gift cards is a must.

Sites like GiftCardGranny and Raise sell discounted gift cards that will save you up to 40%+.

If the discounted gift card looks like they’ve seen better days, exchange it (just like new husbands) at the issuing store for a newer, cleaner gift card.

As for gifting cash for your gay wedding present, studies show that using cash as opposed to debit and credit cards saves users up to 18%. That’s 18% more for your gay boys.

So you don’t feel cheap or thoughtless, dress up your cash gift with a personalized note or handmade gift.

Gay wedding gift rules you should know

Gay wedding gift rules you should know

We’re not Ms. Manners, but we know our wedding etiquette. As they change by the year, here’s what you should know about gift-giving for a gay wedding this year.

1. Be generous, especially if you’re bringing a guest

There’s a good chance that many of both grooms’ family members, including parents, won’t attend their wedding. That’s because family members may not approve of the couple getting married – some bullshit about the sanctity of marriage.

If you’re invited to a gay wedding, it’s a special invitation because some very important people may have refused to attend or, to avoid the dramz, weren’t invited.

When you’re picking your gay wedding gift, keep in mind that yours may be one of the few gifts the couple gets. So, be generous without sabotaging yourself.

How much should you spend on a couple? Here’s our breakdown:

  • What you can afford, and if you can afford to give more
  • If you’re a co-worker, distant family friend or distant relative give$50 – $100*
  • If you’re a friend or relative give $100 – $125*
  • If you’re a close friend or relative give $150+*

* Increase by 10% to 20% if you bring a +1.

2. Use the couple’s wedding gift registry

Our gifts above are amazing and, if the pending husbands are equally amazing, some of the above will be on their registry.

Regardless, stick with the items on the couple’s gift registry. They’ve asked for these gay wedding gifts for a reason, so keep your life simple and them happy.

3. Engagement gifts, shower gifts and wedding gifts don’t cancel each other out

To be fair, everything before, during and after weddings is a bit over-the-top. But you don’t want to be the engagement party guest or wedding attendee who comes across unenthused about the couple or their “once”-in-a-lifetime event.

If you’re a multiple-event attendee, experts suggest using the 20-20-60 Rule. The 20-20-60 Rule says to set your total wedding budget per couple accordingly:

  • 20% goes toward the engagement party gift,
  • 20% toward the wedding shower or bachelor party, and
  • 60% toward the wedding gift.

If you’re close friends with both grooms, don’t double your budget. They’ll just have to share.

4. DIY can be a winner

An anecdotal poll of our friends and family showed that homemade, personalized wedding gifts were clear winners. It seems that while the salad tossers and ironing boards are near-orgasmic, they were forgotten about along with all the other practical and impersonal gifts.

So, if your budget doesn’t allow for it or if your skills demand it, go with a DIY wedding gift.

5. If all else fails, give them cash

Finally, if all else fails, cash is king. We’ve never met a newlywed who didn’t love opening an envelope of cash.

So, when it’s too much, give cash.

3 quick tips for throwing an affordable gay wedding

Who has the money to pay for over-the-top weddings today? Even if you do, aren’t there better ways to spend, save or invest the extra money?

That’s why we invited our friend and wedding planner, Aimee Palifroni, onto the Queer Money® podcast to share her tips for saving money and getting more memories out of your gay wedding day.

1. Stay non-traditional

Yours is a non-traditional wedding. Let that give you carte blanche to pick and choose how you want your special day to go, look and feel.

This gives you flexibility on location, invitations, expectations and spending. If there’s a tradition that doesn’t fit your vibe and cost, skip it.

2. Limit the guests on your guest list

Hands down, the most influential variable for the cost of a wedding is the number of guests. Yours is a non-traditional wedding, so that means mom, dad and the dog don’t get to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry – okay, maybe Dick comes.

We had 42 guests at our wedding, and we’ve attended other small weddings. They’re more intimate. Strangers are more likely to befriend strangers, and you get to spend more time with the people who mean the most to you.

3. Hire a wedding planner

You know who knows how to save money on a wedding? Wedding planners. They know where to get the right deals, where to scrimp, save and invest. Plus, they usually own inventories of items, like candle holders, vases, lights and more to save on rental and purchase costs.

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4 responses to “9+ Perfect Gay Wedding Gift Ideas

  1. You will never go wrong with good wine. Me and my husband would gladly replace most of the gifts we received for a few bottles of good wine.

    1. Yep, we agree! It’s a simple and nice gift that can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere. 😉

  2. When we got married, a friend gave us a gift certificate for a rainbow anniversary sundial that sits on the window sill indoors and makes rainbows in our family room whenever the sun shines. After we came back from our honeymoon we were able to have it custom made for our window, and the man who made it added a special date line for our anniversary that the time shadow follows on that day every year. He even added a special moment mark on the line that the time shadow touches every year at the exact time we took our vows! I don’t remember what it’s called exactly but you can find it online with a search. We give them to friends especially when we have to travel…it’s got to be one of the best wedding gifts I have ever seen. I can’t remember what it’s called exactly but you can find it online with a search.

  3. Thanks for curating this list! My brother is getting married this year, and I’m searching for a practical gift for him and his future husband – while not glamourous, I think the Cuisinel cast iron skillet set might work out well. I have a similar set, and it’s taken my cooking to the next level! Again – thanks for this list.

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