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30 Cute Gay Date Ideas If You’re on a Budget

  January 9, 2020  |    #Live Fabulously

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Your amazing gay date ideas

You want to treat your BF or hubby to a special date, but you don’t have the money. Never despair! Here are 30 fabulous gay dates to share with your man when your wallet’s thin. The best date idea is to read with your main man the 5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life available for free here.

Listen in for some unique date ideas during quarantine:

Gay date idea #1: Do a spa night

Draw a hot bubble bath for two with bath crystals, strip down to your birthday suits and have a naked spa date. This tub time should include mutual massages with a body scrub, then clean yourselves off with body wash. Finish yourselves off with a good body lotion.

Most of us don’t have a complete spa set sitting at home. So, here’s our favorite all-in-one spa kit that includes shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body scrub, bath crystals and a sisal sponge.

This will be a relaxing, intimate evening that – hopefully – leads to some man-on-man action. This evening, too, is better with quality-priced wine.

Spa Kit

And, if you’re not sure whether to host this evening-for-two at your place or his, don’t fret. This kit comes nicely packaged in a paper suitcase.

What’s more? Spa treatments . . . 

  • help fight aging
  • support weight loss
  • relieve aches and pains

Gay date idea #2: Go to a local coffee shop

Go local, especially if there’s a local gay/lesbian coffee shop you can support. Take a book or magazine and cuddle up next to each other and enjoy some education or entertainment.

If you’re lucky, you might find a discount for coffee and canvas (a cuppa joe and painting) or 2 for 1 coffee with this Groupon code here.

First Date Worthy: This is another great first date, especially if you say you only have 30 minutes or an hour available. That way, you’re in public and aren’t forced to stick around for a date that goes longer than it needs. Of course, you can always “get a text” if you decided the dates worth more time.

Gay date idea #3: Go ice skating at night

Clearly, this is a winter activity, unless you’re near indoor rinks. Take your hubby or BF by the hand and show him your best flip, lutz or axel.

A day of ice skating calls for an evening of massaging each other, so you’re muscles aren’t sore the next day. Better yet, see if you can get a discount on couples massages here.

Gay date idea #4: Cook dinner together

Yes, using mostly, if not all, with the food you already have in your fridge and pantry is also a good plan with this gay date idea. But, you can surprise him by planning ahead with chef-prepped and healthy gourmet meals by Freshly sent straight to your door.

All you need to do is heat and eat. Amazing, at $8.99 per meal (prices vary depending on the plan you choose).

Freshly Weekly Meal Delivery Services

Better yet, Freshly uses zero gluten, refined sugar, or artificial ingredients. As if this couldn’t get any better, get $60 off your first four orders ($15 per order) of Freshly with code LAUNCH15.

You’ll both also love . . . 

  • Meals average 500 calories range from 300 – 650 calories
  • You get to choose specific dietary preferences and needs, from vegetarian to vegan to pescatarian

Once your foods heating up, switch on the sexy music and dance a little to heat things up some more.

Gay date idea #5: Workout together

You spot him. He spots you. Put in an intense workout, then touch each other’s spots. What’s funner?

Wanna give this a try but don’t want to be in a relationship with a gym more than your man? Avoid the gym and stay home with the P90X2 DVD Base Kit. It’s a quick walk from your family room to your bedroom than from your gym anyway.

That’s a lifetime of health, fitness and sex all for $139.80.

Gay date idea #6: Do a couples vision board

One of our favorite days each year is creating our vision boards. We create individual and couple vision boards and even use our tech to next-level our vision boarding.

Gay date idea #7: Go to yoga together

A good yoga workout makes bedtime with your boy workouts more fun. You’ll be able to stretch further and kick higher. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home with this amazing Live Infinitely 6-piece set.

You’ll get:

  • a 6’ x 2’ Dual Layered 6mm TPE non-slip yoga mat
  • 2 EVA foam blocks
  • a microfiber yoga towel sized matched to your mat
  • a 6-foot cotton strap
  • a full carrying case
  • a free yoga e-book sent immediately after purchase

Put in a sweaty workout, stretch those loins and gain more energy for later that night with all this for only $62.90. Don’t forget to buy two, one for both of you.

Again, a great way to get your yoga on without stressing about a long-term commitment is using.

Gay date idea #8: Challenge another couple to a game night

What’s better with four or six men rather than just two? Game night, of course! What were you thinking?!

Grab your besties and do a couple’s date night with games. Our absolute favorite is Rummy Cube. It’s a great game of strategy and patience. Players take turns creating runs or sets, Rummy style, and the first player to use all their tiles wins.

We particularly love the retro-style of this set. Not only is it cool looking, but it’s also a little more earth-friendly.

The board game that puts all other board games to rest, though, is Monopoly. Try playing a game with your one or two best couple friends, and feel the intensity rise.

This set is extra cool because it comes with the #1 new favorite token, the cat.

Finally, if you have a big enough and wild enough group, there’s no fun like Cards Against Humanity. It’s bound to get your gaggle of gays guffawing.

What makes this pack special is that gay-themed, both in packaging and topics. Even better, all profits are donated to Howard Brown Health.

5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

First Date Worthy: Game nights are great first dates, too. If one or more of the other couples include each of your friends, maybe common friends, it takes the pressure off a great first date performance.

Gay date idea #9: Hit local landmarks

Why do we only explore our own city or town when we have visitors? Go with your main man to your local museums, parks and other landmarks. Stick with the free and cheap places or find discounts to anywhere you want to go here.

Take a fun and whacky picture of each other. Share the most off the wall on Instagram and Facebook. When you do, tag us here!

Gay date idea #10: Go hiking

Get out in the great outdoors, maybe with a surprise lunch packed in your bag for when you reach your summit – again, using mostly/all existing food from your fridge and cupboards.

First Date Worthy: This was one of our first dates, and we loved it. It’s active, and will all the nature, there’s always something to talk about. So, no awkward silences.

Gay date idea #11: Shop a flea market together

As they say, “One man’s junk…” Okay, get your mind out of the gutter. Make this one a game to see who can find the most interesting or cheapest “best buy.”

Gay date idea #12: Color adult coloring books together

This is great foreplay! Throw on some good music, open a bottle of wine (maybe from Bright Cellars) and start coloring. The amazing benefits of coloring act as a nice little warm-up to sexy-time, if that’s where you two want to take this date, and sex is (usually ) free.

So, have as much as you want and save your pennies. Back to the coloring . . .

This is our favorite all-in-one package. It comes with three adult (more challenging, less naughty) coloring books, crayons, color pencils and a carry kit to take this whole kit anywhere (to your friends, family or vacation).

You’ll also love the benefits of coloring:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Improves motor skills and vision
  • Improves sleep

Gay date idea #13: Do a picnic on the living room floor

Fill your spread mostly, if not all, with the food you already have in your fridge and pantry. Most of us have so many random bits and portions of food perfect for a carpet picnic that if not used will go to waste.

That last spoonful or two of jelly’s perfect as an accompaniment to cheese and that last handful of crackers. Everyone has one pickle in their pickle jar. Dice that baby up and stab a few pieces with toothpicks, and your guy will be uber impressed.

Finish that old bread off in the toaster to dice up as croutons for a salad. Then, slice up that last apple and a handful of berries for dessert.

If you want to splurge, splurge on wine. But, if you want a variety of good wine all the time – and especially for this date – sign up for our favorite, Wine Cellars. Bright Cellars curates wines from around the world based on subscriber’s unique preferences then delivers any number of wines with the frequency optimal for your gay guy.

Bright Cellars monthly wine subscription

A recurring box of 4 wines cost $60, and using this special link will get your guy $50 off his first box of 4 bottles.

What makes this special

  • Users take an easy, almost fun tasting quiz to start their customized curation
  • He can skip or cancel anytime

Gay date idea #14: Play a sex game

Whether it’s the two of you or a slew of gays, make game night extra with some sex. Sex dice are great because no one knows who’s gonna get what . . . and that’s the fun. Just roll the dice and put yourselves at the mercy of fate.

These sex dice are great because they glow in the dark . . . because who wants to have sex with all the lights on? You’ll get four dice, two with various sexual positions to try, one with action words, such as “Lick” and “Blow” and one with the names of body parts, such as “Thigh” and “Nipple.”

Gay Date Ideas - Play a sex game

It’ll take time to warm up and not be so literal with what you roll, as some combinations won’t make sense at first. But, when you loosen up and get creative, the fun begins. Of course, you’ll eventually want to get to the deed. So, dice usually facilitate the foreplay, and at $13.98, they’re worth it.

In the 90s, Madonna took Truth or Dare to the next level. Well, it’s the raging 20s and it’s time to one-up the queen with a sex-inspired evening of your own with these Truth or Dare Cards for Couples.

Filled with 50 naughty truths and 50 risqué dares, you and your guy will have a fun and “revealing” evening together. All that fun for $8.95 is perfect for the sexual couple on a budget.

Finally, our NEW favorite sex game is Blocks of Desire. It’s like Jenga, Twister, sex dice and sex combined. That’s an amazing night for $35.99 available here.

Why these games get you more bang for your buck

  • You’ll get more intimate
  • They’ll spice up your sex lives
  • You’ll learn more about yourself

Gay date idea #15: Have an evening of playful sex

Don’t be embarrassed or coy about it; own it! Sex doesn’t have to always be a spontaneous thing. It can be planned, too.

Pick a day and time, grab the toys and gear, turn on mood-enhancing music and television, and make it a fun night. It’s all up to you, and for little to no money at all.

Gay date idea #16: Take a dance class together

Are you like us? You must watch those videos of the cute gay couples doing their amazing dance moves at their’s or someone else’s wedding? We can’t even!

Their secret? They took dance classes.

In cities across the country, there are dance classes for the non-pro dancer, from pop to classical to swing. Get out there, learn a bit, then be one of those cute gay couples on FB.

But, before you sign up for any class, see if you can save some dough with a discount here.

Gay date idea #17: Bar hop the gay bars

The key to saving cash on this one is to only have one drink or even split one at each bar. To save even more money or if you’re too embarrassed to split drinks, see what discounts your local gay bar’s offering here.

Remember to use Lyft, and get yourself a $5 credit with this link here.

Gay date idea #18: Do a puzzle together

Want another rec for a quiet, relaxing date? Puzzles are wonderful activities to do with your guy because you can simultaneously work on something as a team and have a conversation. Plus, you don’t have to look into each other’s eyes when you’re asking that tough question.

Below are several of our faves:

The Gay Pride Lion with its 1,000 pieces and 20X30 inch size could be framed and displayed on your wall when you’re done. It uses premium archival paper and ink, a 1/16 inch thick grade-A Chipboard and goes for $49.99.

Want a challenge? Try this mostly white “I Can’t Even Think Straight” puzzle. Also with 1,000 pieces and 20X30 inch size, this could take a minute. It, too, runs $49.99 and uses a 1/16 inch thick grade-A Chipboard.

Does pride live at your house? It will with this 1,000 piece gay “Pride Lives Here” puzzle. There’s another fabulous art puzzle made with premium archival paper and ink, 1/16 inch thick grade-A Chipboard and 20X30 inches and also $49.99.

Reminisce about the gay glory days of Miami with this 500-piece Miami Beach-themed puzzle. With the variety of images and colors, this is bound to keep you and your guy entertained at a nice, even price of $16.

Want something simpler and gayer (that’s a sentence we rarely say)? Try this super-cute 30-piece, dancing unicorn puzzle at $16.19.

Gay date idea #19: Hit up your local drag show

Show some love to your local queens. They work, werq and werk hard!

Max yourself out to one drink – the biggest spend in gay bars – per person before going home to watch Priscilla Queen of the DesertBirdcage and A Star is Born on Amazon Prime or iTunes.

To help save you money and systematize your life for easier living, we highly recommend signing up for and using Amazon Prime. Not only is it a great source of numerous LGBTQ movies and other movies, TV and music, but it also offers discounts at Whole Foods, grocery delivery that helps save money week-to-week and other money-saving benefits for $119 a year or $12.99 per month.

First Date Worthy: Let the queens do the entertaining for you. This way, you have a lot to laugh about and there will never be a dull moment.

Gay date idea #20: Learn something together

Check out your local library for classes or hit up Udemy or Teachable and don’t forget we can help you and your man learn so much about money you’ll be on the path to financial security in no time.

Gay Date Ideas - Learn Something Together (1)

Gay date idea #21: Find something fun, free or cheap to do from your local gay rag

Try something new! If you live in a city or town of any decent size, it’s likely that you have a local gay rag. Check out the events to see if there’s something free or extra cheap. There are the mags we’re always sure to grab when we travel:

  • Out Front in Denver
  • Rage Monthly in Southern California
  • Metrosource in NYC
  • EPGN for Philadelphia
  • Peach in Atlanta

Gay Date Ideas - Find Something In Your Local Gay Rag

  • OutSmart in Houston
  • Gay Desert Guide
  • Los Angeles Blade
  • New Englands Rainbow Times
  • Out and About in Nashville
  • Pride Guide Arizona
  • Qurb Magazine in Seattle
  • Lavender in Minneapolis

Gay date idea #22: Make a video telling everyone why you love each other

Who doesn’t ❤️ love stories online? Do a Facebook Live, InstaStory, Twitter or YouTube Live sharing with all of social media how much you love each other.

Gay date idea #23: Spend the whole day in bed

It’s not all about the sex. Sometimes it’s just fun to be under the covers together. You can even grab your laptop or tablet and watch some videos together.

One of our favorite, non-sexual past times in bed is journaling. It’s comfy and cozy and a great time to reflect and plan. We love journals that feel organic and that inspire us, not your everyday notebook. Here are our two recent faves:

Nepali traveler leather journal with vintage handmade lokta paper now for$33.95. Writing in this journal will make you always feel like you’re writing something important for eternity.

Gay Date Ideas - Spend the Whole Day in Bed

I also liked this vintage handmade leather-bound notepad. It has a real luxe feel and comes complete with its own pen and penholder all for $33.97.

If reducing, reusing and recycling are your thing, I’ve had my eye on this Van Gogh sky leather embossed refillable leather journal for a one-time charge of $76.50.

Gay date idea #24: Send each other sexy texts

If you can’t be with each other, send each other sexy texts. Use words, pictures or even videos. Then when you do see each other.


Gay date idea #25: Make cookies or cake together

Bakers kneed it more. ? Whether it’s savory or sweet, get into the kitchen and heat things up. If you’re not the from-scratch-kinda-guys, here are some of our favorite mixes.

Gay Date Idea - Bake Cookies or Cake Together

Best news of all – these are all organic. So, you’re cheating on that diet . . . but are you really?

All these mixes have solid ratings on Amazon and you get free shipping with Amazon Prime if you spend $35+.

Gay date idea #26: Go to your local sex shop

Get the urge on. Go to your local sex shop. Set a budget, like $10 and see what you can each find. Sometimes just being in one gets us all ready. You may not need to even buy anything.

Gay date idea #27: Watch a foreign movie on Hulu

Sign in to your Hulu account and find something a little different to watch. Check out gay movies. You’ll find a ton of titles that will help you both get on the couch and in the mood. Our current faves are:

  • Free Fall
  • First Girl I Loved
  • Tom of Finland
  • I Am Divine

Gay Date Ideas - Watch a Foreign Movie on Netflix or Hulu

Hulu’s also great because you get exclusive shows, such as The Handmaids Tale, Killing Eve and Designing Women. If you don’t have a Hulu account, at $5.99 a month, you’re missing out.

Gay date idea #28: Go sledding

Again another one for the winter. Get your kid thing on. Then head home and either show or take a bath together to warm things back up.

First Date Worthy: This and almost any outside or athletic activity are great first dates because there’s a lot to do, a lot to talk about and everyone’s having fun. It takes all the pressure of that one-on-one conversation. Plus, while you’re catching snowballs, you may realize you caught his heart.

Gay date idea #29: Build a fort in your living room

Pretend you’re 9 again and build your fortress. Then let him try to figure out how to get in.

Gay date idea #30: Go thrifting

See who can put together the most stylish outfit for $25. Make it a date and then maybe you’ll get to see each other take it all off.

Gay Date Idea - Go Thrifting Together

For the not-so-creative, hopefully, this gives you fun and fabulous gay date ideas for your budget. Remember that if he’s worth it, he’ll want to spend time with you no matter how much it costs.

STD: Sex, treats and dates

Sex, games and dates are all fun, so get your fill. But, the best gift you can both give each other is time to talk about your individual and mutual financial lives. Studies show that couples who talk about their money, not only have better sex but also have reduced financial stress, improved mental health and do better with their money.

Why get dating can be so expensive

Gay dating

On this Queer Money®, we talked about the financial costs of the gay dating scene. Historically the queer community has waited longer than our straight peers to settle down. Now, GenXers and Millennials are delaying marriage. What are the financial repercussions of perpetual dating in general and never-ending gay dating specifically?

To have more money for gay dating, increase your streams of income by starting your very own gay blog. Here’s why that would be good for the whole queer community and how you can do that step-by-step in one-hour.

A summary of gay dating

  • As the world gets smaller with social media, the desire to fly to see someone becomes costly
  • Relationships that come out of dating apps are more stable and last longer than traditional relationships because the “screening process” is more rigorous
  • 60% of relationships today sprout from dating apps
  • Traditional rules still apply with straight dating in that the man pays for the first date, afterward the dynamic changes based on the circumstances; younger generations go Dutch
  • In gay relationships, it’s usually the person with the money who pays, typically uncovered prior to the first date
  • There are the “baby-steppers” who ease into relationships and the “converts” who go too far
  • Finances are only one aspect of relationships and often what someone brings is more than monetary
  • Technology has expanded the dating pool beyond arm’s reach

Gay dating conclusion

  • Don’t make money a taboo subject, talk about money early with the help of the Couples Money Guide
  • Do your online homework to the extent that you can
  • Address financial disparity concerns early
  • If someone is defensive about money, maybe there’s a concern – be cautious
  • Gay couples should get creative with dating – the 30+ ideas above are a great start

Because gay men (and the LGBTQ community, as a whole) struggle more with money than the general population, we must be conscious about how we spend our money. That includes not going overboard when dating, as excited as we may be about our new man.


Join EliteSingles find a great man

These gay date ideas are great and all, but what if you don’t have a boyfriend, partner or husband? Where can you find a good man?

If you’re looking for more than sex, Grindr and Scruff won’t help you find the man of your dreams. If you only want sex, that’s great! Keep prowling.

If you’re looking for quality, dating material, join forfreehere.

EliteSingles is a gay-friendly matchmaking site with over 381,000 members each month. Ten-percent of them are gay, and they’re serious! Ninety-percent of its members are over 30 years old and 85% are highly educated.

They’re seriously good men looking for seriously good men from all over the world.

The best part is that after you take EliteSingle’s free personality test, it’ll present 3 – 7 highly qualified matches to you each day. So, you don’t have to scroll, scroll, scroll or swipe left for days.

You review what’s presented do you and proceed accordingly. Less work. Less wasted time. Less stress . . . all for better results.

If you’re serious about finding that quality guy to spend your days and nights with, to go on exciting adventures and to plop together on the couch, take EliteSingle’s FREE personality test today by clicking this link here.

5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

Note: This article contains affiliate links, meaning we’ll receive payment at no cost to you if you buy through these links. We only recommend products we use or thoroughly vet and would recommend to our moms.  Buying too many of these is how you live fabulously broke. To live fabulously with financial security, start here.

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  2. This is really appreciated that you have presented this data over here, I love all the information shared. It will be very helpful to understand the gay date ideas. Great post to share!!

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