6 Smart Money Tips for Creating a Long-Term Financial Plan

The French writer and poet Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger said, “A goal without a plan is a wish.” Aside from not knowing who that guy is, he had a point. Without a plan for achieving your goals, you will only accomplish them through pure luck if you accomplish them at all. This is an arbitrary strategy. With the tepid economy, high unemployment and increased costs for everything competing for your hard-earned dollars, not having a plan can guarantee financial failure and that sucks. 

Another Day Another Retirement Plan

Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa proposed a new private pension plan, called the USA Retirement Fund, in which businesses would be required to automatically enroll their employees unless the business already had an established company retirement plan.  Employers would only have to manage payroll deductions, but could contribute up to $5,000 for each employee annually. 

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7 Tips for the Tech Savvy Traveler

It is still only January and we think most everyone, at this point, wants to escape the cold and snow for someplace warm and tropical.  When you were stranded in traffic Tuesday night or scraping ice off your car windows this morning weren’t you wishing you could click your heels and ride that rainbow to a sunny beach and refreshing drink?  We were.  The epic flu season and perpetual school cancellations are not helping, either.  Calgon, take us away!

10 Things to Buy in Bulk

We agree with Kiplinger that these are 10 surprising things to buy in bulk.  Even though these suggestions save money, some are money conscious savings for the more-well-off.  Some are a bit morbid, but necessary.  Anyone at any stage of their life and in any income bracket can save and reap the benefits of living 

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