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4 Steps Queer Families without Kids Must Take for Financial Success

  September 19, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

Families have always come in different shapes and sizes even if our country only recently recognized that. As one of the many queer families without kids, our primary financial concern is preparing for the latter portion of our retirement years. Though not a guaranteed strategy, traditional families can often rely on their younger offspring to …

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Quitting the Beige Cubicle

  August 26, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

We put up with a lot to fulfill other people’s dreams, don’t we? Employment gives us a sense of security, a regular paycheck, health and life insurance and other perks. How much do we give up working for someone else dream, though? No more! We’re quitting the beige cubicle to travel the colorful world. One …

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Gay Sitges, Spain: Debt Free Guys Travel

  May 18, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

Continuing our fun and fabulous travel destinations series, our next amazing vacation was gay Sitges, Spain. I know you expected me to say Ibiza in relation to Spain. While Ibiza was fun and very gay, despite celebrating our straight friends’ marriage in Ibiza, Sitges trumps Ibiza by far. David had been to Sitges before and …

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Start Fresh Each Day

  March 30, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

Ready To Start Fresh? My daughter is in Mrs. T’s Kindergarten class. Mrs. T starts off every morning with a hug for each of her 22 students. Her teaching assistant Mrs. A does the same thing, so every child in class gets two hugs before the day even starts. Not every student in Mrs. T’s …

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Avoid these 7 mistakes to get on the fast path to wealth.