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How to Live Fabulously Fabulous in 2021

  January 5, 2021  |    #Live Fabulously

Are you ready to live fabulously?  We’re known for encouraging folks to live fabulously, not fabulously broke. Now, we’re adding the [fabulous] lifestyle into the live fabulously, not fabulously broke equation. Kick a$$ in 2021 with these tips: Live fabulously, not fabulously broke For the next 12 months, we’re shifting our focus to the lifestyle …

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Transgender Healthcare with Callen-Lorde

  December 29, 2020  |    #Live Fabulously

What are our transgender healthcare options? There are at least 1M transgender individuals in the US. And yet, trans healthcare is not included in most medical training programs. So, what obstacles do members of the trans community face in accessing quality care? And what does it cost them? Hear Finn’s advice on transgender healthcare Here’s …

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Avoid these 7 mistakes to get on the fast path to wealth.