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Queer Resiliency Is Fortified Milk

  June 16, 2017  |    #Live Fabulously

Queer Resiliency is Strong R is for Revenue. R is for Reimburse. R is for Return. But more than ever R is for queer Resiliency, an essential trait in a strong business leader. Continuing our P-R-I-D-E theme for June, today we bring you the letter R. “R” for the queer community stands for resiliency. We …

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The Latest Queer Fashion Trend And It’s Not What You Think

  May 22, 2017  |    #Live Fabulously

Queer Fashion Faux Pas? “Gurl, you look good!” is a phrase that often accompanies the proud owner of a new Louis Vuitton bag. Looking good with luggage is common in the queer community. There is, however, a bag that’s becoming an albatross around our necks. What gives? Consider that Prudential’s 2016-2017 LGBT Financial Experience Survey …

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