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How Mutual Funds and ETFs Build Wealth

  December 28, 2021  |    #Make Money

This is our second post in a series about investment types. As 51 percent of Americans didn’t save for retirement in 2014, they unfortunately have so far missed out on the fourth longest bull market run in history. The most common reason survey respondents gave for not investing was they didn’t know enough about investing to invest. With this series, we hope to demystify investing.

Last week we discussed individual stocks, both common and preferred stocks. This week, we’ll discuss mutual funds. Next week we’ll discuss exchange traded funds or ETFs.

The #1 Problem with America’s Anti-Savings Policies

  December 23, 2021  |    #Make Money

America is the J. Wellington Wimpy of nations, as its government and its people will gladly pay its creditors on some elusive Tuesday in the future for everything it wants today. An economy based purely on consumption cannot stand. An overemphasis on consumption eventually eats up nations like hypocrisy and racism, ironically, ate up Paula Deen. History is replete with examples of empires falling, in part, because of the financial instability of their debt.


Get the 7 fastest steps to debt freedom!