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5 Basic Steps to Become Debt Free You Haven’t Taken

  November 15, 2018  |    #Eliminate Debt

Very often an event triggers our desire to make a dramatic life change. Whether it’s New Years that motivates us to finally shed those ten pounds or a certain birthday that inspires us to check off bucket list items, there’s a trigger.

Quite often, as it pertains to money, there’s a trigger that inspires us to cut back spending or pay off debt. 

7 Simple Tips for a Christmas Cocktail Party

  November 13, 2018  |    #Live Fabulously

Planning your Christmas cocktail party On this Queer Money™, we’re talking about throwing a festive yet frugal Christmas cocktail party. We’re sharing seven simple tips for a fabulous Christmas cocktail party to throw the biggest party of the season on the smallest budget. Get the $99 Holiday Cocktail Party Grocery List here. Throwing your festive …

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3 Fancy Yet Affordable Thanksgiving Recipes

  November 8, 2018  |    #Live Fabulously

Our favorite Thanksgiving recipes Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday, by far! We do it friends-style – not the sitcom – with our own real, live friends. Over the years, we’ve gotten the science of cooking a fabulous Thanksgiving Day meal down. With those years of experience, here are our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Our favorite holiday …

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