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How Can I Attract More Money into My Life? Try This Free Tool.

  March 22, 2017  |    #Make Money

We’re following up on last week’s Queer Money™ on which a listener asked for advice on how to talk to his partner about his partner’s money troubles. We recommended completing our Hopes & Dreams and Financial Blockers exercises. This week’s exercise gives us the opportunity to uncover what we’re willing to do to attract more money into our lives.

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How to Attract More Money

Succeeding with money goals requires more than clipping coupons, skipping lattes, and cooking Crock Pot recipes. Just like not eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s each night helps us lose weight, those things do help us achieve financial goals. But, we want to live bigger, better lives, don’t we? We don’t work 40 – 60 hours a week, deal with work traffic and fall asleep on the couch to get excited by another Bed Bath & Beyond coupon.

This week’s challenge is to figure out what it is you’re willing to do beyond penny-pinching to attract more money into your life to break down your financial blockers and achieve all the hopes and dreams you said last week you want.

How We Attract More Money

I saw or heard a quote somewhere – I need to get better at writing them down – that went something like, “Our thoughts create our feelings. Our feelings create our actions. Our actions create our results.” Therefore, these three exercises, including this week’s about how to attract more money, are so important. They help us get inside our thoughts to change our feelings and actions that created today’s results.

If we’re going to change our current reality, we must first change our actions. So, what are you willing to do to attract more money into your life? Download this week’s exercise to figure out how.

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One response to “How Can I Attract More Money into My Life? Try This Free Tool.

  1. To attract more money in to my life this week I’m going to focus on business building activities. So instead of cutting or pinching I’m going to go beyond my current capacity. When I work my to do list I do the minor actions first, but they are not my “money” making activities. Over the next week I’m doing the money making activities first. Then I’ll accomplish my urgent but not necessarily important tasks…like dishes lol

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