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Money Masters: Two Cup House w/ Blab Interview Video

  November 22, 2015  |    #Eliminate Debt

Two Cup House: Money Master Interview

This month’s Money Master is Two Cup House. Two Cup House is actually Claudia and Garrett, another couple focused on doing what it takes to achieve debt free living. Our favorite line of theirs is that they plan to “achieve financial independence through tiny living and passive income”. How awesome is that?!

We connected with Claudia and Garrett on Twitter just before their blog was birthed and we’re excited to watch them grow. Their blog documents their journey towards this goal and their experience in tiny house living.

Directly below is the our Blab interview with Claudia and Garrett. We had loads of fun with this one talking the small and tiny house move, benefits to ditching the large house mentality and how their whole process came to fruition. We hope you enjoy the video and then also check out the text interview for more on

What’s your story? Why did you start your blog?

After accumulating four degrees, three cars, an oversized house and $240,000 in debt, we decided enough was enough and 2015 would be the year we chart a new course for ourselves. Though our story is one of numerous financial mistakes, it’s no longer the story we want for ourselves. Not only are we trying to eliminate all of our debt in one year through our downsizing efforts, but we’re also seeking financial independence to be able to travel the country in our tiny house. To help us maintain accountability, we started our blog to highlight what we’ve learned about personal finance and how applying money-conscious living and minimalist principles help us achieve our financial goals.

What’s your goal in telling others about your downsizing to a tiny or mini house?

Garrett: Motivate us to keep things moving forward. Writing about your experience requires you to think deeper about what is going on, which results in a lot of self-reflection and continuous improvement. We also wanted to share our experience as an example and hopefully inspire others by showing how we are going from $240,000 to debt-free living. Connecting with others who are doing the same has been an added benefit.

Claudia: After being an aspirational observer of the tiny house community and a passive consumer of personal finance blogs, we saw a niche we could occupy where both communities aligned: the exultation of conscious spending and mindful living. Our blog chronicles the improvements we’re making to become debt free, and the fun we’re having along the way as we work to achieve financial independence!

In one sentence, what’s one piece of sage advice from your personal finance/downsizing background that you’d like to share with our readers?

Garrett: It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you spend.

Claudia: Question everything.

Question your assumptions about life and the stuff that’s cluttering it. Question every decision, including the ones you’ve already made and the ones you’re about to make.  Strive to live a questioning life, a life influenced by critical thinking and continuous improvement.

Be sure to visit Two Cup House. They’re fun and you’ll be glad you did.

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