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25 Awesome Gay Blogs You Need to Read

  April 11, 2019  |    #Live Fabulously

Our big list of gay blogs

Being a personal finance blog dedicated to the LGBTQ community, we believe that one of the best ways to stay on track financially is to stay informed. So, we’ve compiled for you our big list of gay blogs.

 A blog of gay blogs

We’re often asked what makes LGBTQ money different and much of that has to do with our lifestyles. So, to help all lifestyles stay informed, we’ve created a list of 25 gay blogs we think will help you stay informed about some of the most common things that make our gay lives different.

Between them and us, we’ll help you live your best gay life without going totally broke.

Gay travel blogs

Walk into a gay cocktail party, pull up to the table at brunch or take a break from phone banking at the local center and the conversation between the gays will soon turn to, “so, any travel plans?” When it comes to gay blogs, travel reigns supreme. With a plethora of gay travel blogs, it wasn’t easy narrowing down this list, but we dug up a few known and unknowns. Enjoy these gay blogs focused on traveling fabulously.

1. Travels of Adam –

In a few words, I’m a hipster travel blogger and one-time graphic designer. In 2010, I quit my job as a book designer in Boston, MA and set off on a trip around the world. Over the course of 15 months, I visited more than a handful of countries from Morocco to Israel, India to Vietnam.

Why did I set off on my trip around the world? Well, it all started with a short weekend trip to Reykjavik, Iceland in 2009…

2.Nomadic Matt

Hi, I’m Nomadic Matt, a New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and founder of this website! Have you ever thought to yourself one of the following:

  • “How do I find the money to travel? It seems too expensive for me.”
  • “Where do I find the best travel deals?”
  • “How do I save money on flights, accommodation, and other big expenses?”
  • “How do I plan my trip?”
  • “How do I stay safe and healthy?”
  • “How do I maximize my time?”
  • “I want to travel more but I don’t know the first step.”

You are not alone. Over the past several years, I’ve helped millions of people answer those questions and travel more with tested and proven tips and advice. This way, you can spend less time searching the Internet and being overwhelmed with information and more time doing the one thing you want to do: travel more.

3. Globetrotter Guys

We have been together for just over 10 years and got married in 2017. Throughout those 10 years, we have shared a strong passion for travel and always saved as much as we can to fund our travel addiction.

Sion grew up in North Wales before moving to Manchester to do a Master’s in Physics. After his degree, he worked at Ernst & Young for 5.5 years becoming a Chartered Accountant. For the first 4 years, he worked in business tax, which ultimately, he didn’t enjoy. He then came across an internal opportunity to run programs for the EY Foundation, a charity working with disadvantaged young people, and had the most enjoyable 18 months of his career to date. The next chapter is The Globetrotter Guys and travelling the world!

Ben grew up in Yorkshire before living in Spain for a year (becoming fluent in Spanish!). He returned to the UK when he was 18 and started a 10-year career in travel. He worked for Going Places, Thomas Cook and for the last 5 years he worked at STA Travel managing a number of different stores across the North West. Now he will be doing the traveling instead of selling it!

As of 2017, we have visited over 25 countries and have a long list of new countries to visit over the next couple of years.

Our most significant traveling adventure, where we gained the so-called ‘traveling bug’, was back in 2011 where we went away for 9 months.

4. GDBlog.net

Welcome to G & D Blog, a personal blog site! Welcome to our world! Gerome & David, yeap, that’s what GD stands for.

If you’re looking for something new in lifestyle blogging, or travel blogging, or vlogging, or whatever that makes this internet thing wild and crazy, YASS, you’re on the right page! We are absolutely NEWBIES here in the blogosphere.

We are an INTERGENERATIONAL, INTERRACIAL, GAY-MARRIED, HAPPY-GO-LUCKY COUPLE, who decided to add more stories here in the World Wide Web last January 2017.

We came up with this name for our blog because of our letter cut-out initials that I got in a mall when I was in the Philippines. And whenever we go to some places, we usually bring them and take photos of them and with them, sharing to everyone that G & D went there.

5. Out with Ryan

Out with Ryan is a travel blog created by YouTuber Ryan Thomas Woods. Ryan’s basically your new gay BFF who wants to show you how to live a fabulous life and see the world with a new perspective. He’s a 20-something digital nomad based between Canada and Europe (where sis cute gay BF lives) and is currently on a mission to travel the world as a gay man.

Ever since his first trip, Ryan has wanted to create a safe space to talk about his travels as a gay man, while sharing other peoples’ stories (travel stories from women, minorities and the LGBTQ community).

Out with Ryan’s a website focuses on travel advice, tips and inspiration that’s inclusive of minorities; especially the LGBTQ+ community that Ryan belongs too. He shares his experiences of safe and gay-friendly places, and not-so-safe or gay-friendly places, that are all worth visiting due to their beauty, culture and cute boys, obvi (looking at you beautiful Morocco).

From hiding his sexuality in North Africa to wearing nothing but a Rainbow flag in Los Angeles, Ryan wants to spotlight the fabulous things in life and travel with positivity and open-mindedness. He hopes you’ll join him on his fabulous journeys around the world.

 Gay money blogs

When it comes to the LGBTQ community, especially with gay men, it seems we’re expected to be, look, live and travel fabulously. Yet, where does all the money come from to make that happen? We’ve got to be as dedicated to keeping our money in check as we are with making sure we look fab for Sunday Funday. Thus, we’ve collected a few money-focused gay blogs to help you get and stay on track financially.

6. David Rae

Based in Los Angeles, Financial Planner David Rae advises his clients and their families on getting their financial houses in order, developing investment strategies to meet their goals and planning for their retirement. He’s also built a strong reputation as a financial planning specialist serving the needs of individuals, couples and families in and around the LGBT community.  While his financial planning practice is based in LA, he has clients across the country, and throughout Southern California.

7. Brian Thompson

I started Brian Thompson Financial with a simple goal: to educate and empower a new generation to align their life with their money. Now’s the time. I’m here to help.

Young adulthood is a complex time, especially in this era of marriage equality, the Affordable Care Act, convoluted tax laws and widespread student debt. You’ll have a tangle of conflicting obligations but also a lot of opportunity for richness, joy and choice in the future.

Now more than ever, Generation X and Y LGBTQ couples, families and professionals need someone they can trust on their side. That’s where I come in.

8. Debt Free Guys

Yours truly. Since this may be your first time coming to our site, this is just a reminder that we’re one the first personal finance blogs dedicated to helping the LGBTQ community thrive financially. Think of us as the gay version of Dave Ramsey where we dispense with all the scripture and just give you Queer Money!

9. All Options Considered

We are Ali and Alison Walker, and we used to call Seattle, Washington our home. We met in 2004, married in 2006, and retired in 2018. After reaching FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early), we wanted a complete and total change from our career-focused lives. We decided that meant leaving our Seattle life behind and making travel our new lifestyle. By November of 2018, we had sold our home and car, let go of 99% of our belongings, and left Seattle.

Today, we are nomads in love with each other and our new lives. Our home is wherever we happen to be at the moment. Our only jobs are travel planning (Ali) and financial planning (Alison). Our plan is to slow travel around the world for as long as we enjoy it. We wake up every day feeling excited that we have the freedom to follow our dreams, with “All Options Considered!”

10. The Frugal Wallet

In mid-2015, our worlds were changed in a remarkable way. We welcomed to our lives our beautiful daughter and with that, we realized that we wanted to change our ways. To change our priorities. To change our lives to constantly strive for more flexibility so we could spend as much time making memories together rather than making new business cards with every promotion we sought.

This blog is about our journey, which is still ongoing – and probably won’t ever end. Our journey to complete flexibility. Meaning we want to be uninhibited, unrestricted, unbound and unashamed of it!

Gay relationship blogs

If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or even Pinterest, it seems much of the gay community is thirsty for that perfect relationship. We either want ours to be perfect or want to find that perfect gay husband to make our relationship dreams come true. Here are a couple of gay blogs to help your relationship goals become a reality.

11. Equally Wed

Equally Wed is an international online LGBTQ+ wedding magazine, book and education resource for LGBTQ+ couples and LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding professionals. Within our inspirational content, we focus on wedding planning, real weddings and engagements, marriage equality news and spotlights gay-friendly LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding vendors.

Our content and founders have been featured in or on media outlets such as The New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, CNN, Pop Sugar, Glamour Magazine, The Knot, Huffington Post, Curve Magazine, The Advocate Magazine, Autostraddle, I, NPR, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and AP News.

12. Big Gay Family

Paul has spent over 9,000 hours coaching gay professionals. With over 600 publicly available videos on YouTube and social media, Paul is the world’s leader in educating gay men about gay relationships and gay sexuality.

After coaching for many years, Paul put together courses that show gay men patterns of behavior that lead to successful relationships.  These best practices are available inside courses about gay compatibility, sexuality and bonding.

Paul is the founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program that includes introductions, video courses and personal coaching.

Gay parenting blogs

Daddy, daddy, oh daddy! Yes, gay men with kids are kinda hot, but that’s no reason to jump blindly into the parenting game, as many of these parenting focused gay blogs would share. If you’re a gay parent wannabe or you’re on your path to parenthood, these blogs have plenty-o-info to help out.

13. Gays with Kids

Gays with Kids is one of the largest online communities for LGBT parents or parents to be. They share stores of families along their journey and provide resources for those who want to become parents or need advice, tips or tools to make the most of their parenting journey.

14. 1 Dad, 1 Kid

Talon Windwalker is a single parent, author, writer, former hospice chaplain, Zen monk, ultra-runner, snowshoer, endurance cyclist, certified endurance running coach, scuba instructor, photographer, and lover of traveling, languages, and cultures.

Years ago, when I was a young adult, I had a dream of raising my children in foreign countries and having them experience this amazing, large world. After years of working in intensive care, trauma, and with the dying, my family & life motto became Vivez sans regrets! (Live without regrets!) In that tradition, I decided now was the time to take my dream and make it a reality. To that end, on 4 May 2011, I left my traditional work life and embarked on life as a full-time nomad, traveling around the world slowly with my young daughter (aka Tigger), who was 9 years old when we began our new life.  I “world school” Tigger, teach languages, write, do photography, teach scuba, and do other online work along the way.

15. Gay Parents to Be

Gay Parents to Be® is an informational resource and link to gay parenting services. We strive to provide the best care for LGBTQ couples and individuals as they navigate all of the options to bring a child into the world.

To better serve our LGBTQ community, Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT (RMA of CT) launched Gay Parents to Be to more completely address the unique challenges same-sex couples and LGBTQ solo parents face when building their family.

Our Connecticut and New York locations are supportive of gay and lesbian couples as well as individual parents by choice. Working with an established professional network, including gestational carrier (surrogate), egg donor and sperm donor agencies, we provide full-service care to help you realize your dream of building a family.

16. The Next Family

The Next Family is a diverse community where modern families meet. It is the start of an on-going, open-minded and sincere dialog between urbanite families, adoptive families, in vitro parents, interracial families, same-sex parents, single parents and so on. It is a way to remind people that the Next Generation of families already exists in larger numbers than the old model of a “family unit”.

17. Proud Parenting

Proud Parenting is a gay parenting blog run by Jeff and Mark. It not only details their own story with their daughter Chloe, but it also covers topics related to parenting from the LGBT perspective as well as shares the Teenview for LGBTQ youth and youth with LGBT parents.

18. Daddy and Dad

We’re Jamie and Tom, dads via adoption to Lyall and Richard. We became a family almost five years ago. The award-winning Daddy & Dad blog has been gathering a loyal troupe of followers since its launch in 2014.

We’re a proud family of boys, which means we LOVE hobbies, the outdoors, skyscrapers, rollercoasters, mud, waterparks, sports, pop music, scary movies, pizza, BMXs, trendy clothes and sporty cars (I thought I’d leave that there, just in case you’d like us to try out a Ferrari!)

19. Unlikely Dad

Hi, I’m Tom. I’m 34 and I am a dad to my wonderful son. An adoptive dad. A gay dad. Or maybe just a dad?

I was just 17 when I met my (now) husband though, we didn’t get married for a quite a while after meeting. We’ve been through it all together. College, various career moves, flat moves, house moves… 16 years later still going strong.

Spending most of my 20’s eating out all weekend and enjoying city breaks, it was when I was nearing 30 that I knew I wanted to be a dad. I liken it to that moment women are known to have… you know, when their body clock just ‘PINGS!’ and they need a baby. That was me.

Together, my husband, Daniel, and I embarked on the adoption journey. It wasn’t as terrible as I had been led to believe it could’ve been. Nine months later in the process, we saw a photo of our baby boy. He was ten months old and we knew we were looking at our son. In that moment, life changed forever.

I’m still me. Still into music, food, taking a million pictures every day, (unfortunately no more TV, I’m resigned to catch up TV if I am lucky!) and, of course, sharing my tales of parenthood. But first and foremost, come my two boys. My weekends no longer mean lie-ins and breakfast in bed… they mean being woken up at 5 am with my son running into my bedroom, and watching Peppa Pig and toy unboxing videos on YouTube on repeat until the coffee has kicked in.

Gay culture blogs

Oh, the gays! We’d be remiss if our list of gay blogs didn’t include some of the burgeoning mass of blogs that focus on the 3-Ps (penis, pop culture and politics), which dominate the gay blogosphere. We’ve all found ourselves literally sucked down the hole (rabbit or otherwise) of articles or pox about this or that porn star, what the latest diva’s up to, the deets on last week’s Drag Race or the never-ending battle between left and right. Here are a few new and old to satisfy your hunger for the usual.

20. Queerty

The LGBT news, politics, lifestyle, gossip and entertainment site. Our slogan: Free of an agenda. Except that gay one.

21. The Authentic Gay

What began as a passion project between TAG’s two co-founders has uniquely transformed into a transformative platform on which authors who share a diversity of perspectives on LGBT topics can voice authentic truths and opinions. The Authentic Gay was born out of a recognized need for free online self-help resources for the gay community and was originally founded to spark much-needed dialogue on important topics such as mental health, physical well-being, community and interpersonal relationships.

The name we chose for our blog is a reference to a famous psychological paradigm known as “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” in which an individual strives for self-actualization only once he achieves the underlying foundational needs required to necessitate authentic living. These foundational needs include love and belonging, sexual intimacy, self-esteem, confidence, and receiving respect from others, just to name a few.

Our mission at The Authentic Gay is to cultivate an educational and fun space for LGBT individuals in which they can search for answers that will help them feed these needs necessary for higher authentic living. By encouraging dialogue on topics such as drug use, queer relationships, and health topics, we hope that our audience will help perpetuate a safe space where people can interact and share authentic and informed ideas.

22. Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey is a YouTube personality with nearly 300 million video views in more than 160 countries around the world. Using his platform to spread a message of love, acceptance and the occasional penis joke, Davey has become one of the leading online voices for the gay and lesbian community. Famous for his authentic and often irreverent approach, some of Davey’s 800+ videos include Seniors Give Gay Advice, Surprising A Gay Texas Mormon and Dad Bikes 545 Miles For Gay Son.

23. The Modern Gay

The Modern Gay Guide to Life is the world’s first premium gay lifestyle blog. From identity to style, music to current affairs, travel to social, The Modern Gay Guide to Life covers all facets of 21st-century gay life with an intelligent and satirical twist.

This is not a rulebook but rather a guidebook. A guidebook that uses personal experiences and insights as signposts along the great journey that is life. The title is ironic.

24. Towle Road

Towleroad began in 2003 and is now a leading online news source offering a broad range of information on politics, pop culture, gay culture, media, entertainment, photography, fashion, technology, men, music, and travel.

25. Gay Life After 40

I feel that there has been a great void in social media. Focusing on youth is great, but what we’d like to do is open people’s eyes to the entire LGBT lifespan. Midlife transitions can mark a period of tremendous growth. It is a normal developmental life stage. What do you do with these valuable years is up to you. I found that learning to accept all the physical and emotional changes that come with getting older is the key. Every age and stage in one’s life has its beauty. This site will give you an opportunity to be engaged and explore new concepts and trends and explore some of that beauty as well.

Boom! There you have it. We’ve done our due diligence in finding you a few new and a few good ol’ standbys for this list of great gay blogs. We know we’ve left some off, don’t take it personally, just drop us a line if you want yours or your favorite added. We’ll update the list from time to time.

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Gay blogs have been around a while, but they seem to really be taking off over the past few years. We are coming into our own, so here's a big list. #Gay #GayMen #GayBlogs #LGBTQIssues #LGBTBusiness #GayMenandRelationships

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