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7 Fun Quarantine Dates with Your Partner

  May 26, 2020  |    #Live Fabulously

Amazing quarantine dates

With most traditional date nights off the table, you and your partner may be struggling to find things to do together beyond ‘Netflix and chill.’ Here are our 7 best quarantine dates for you and that most important person.

Get all 7 fun and fabulous quarantine dates:

Quarantine dates that keep the fun in dating

On this episode of Queer Money®, we’re sharing our best quarantine dates for you and your partner. We challenge you to picnic (in your car) in a desirable neighborhood or plan your post-quarantine vacation, explaining how these fun activities can lead to shared aspirational goals.

We go on to discuss the benefits of having lots and lots of sex during lockdown, exploring how romantic gestures like writing a traditional love letter or creating a photo collage can bring you closer together as a couple. Listen in for insight on getting to know your partner better by reading a book together and learn how to have fun and support local businesses with a ‘progressive takeout’ theme night!


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Topics covered for quarantine dates

1. Picnic in the car in a desirable neighborhood

  • Jot down addresses of favorite homes
  • Look up prices on Zillow (What would it take to live there?)

2. Plan your post-quarantine vacation

  • Cook meal inspired by a destination
  • Map out plans over dinner

3. Have lots and lots of sex

  • Roleplay, sex dice, toys or Truth or Dare
  • Not limited to evening

4. Write traditional love letters

  • Meaningful to receive in the mail
  • More open on paper than face-to-face

5. Create a photo collage of you two

  • Physical or digital picture of fun times
  • Include aspirational elements (goals)

6. Progressive takeout

  • Each course from a different restaurant
  • Create a theme (e.g.: Mexican night)

7. Read a book out loud together

  • In-person or over Zoom
  • Provides an opportunity for conversation

Resources to come up with quarantine date ideas yourself

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