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How the NGLCC Champions LGBTQ Small Business

  June 12, 2018  |    #Make Money

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Meet the NGLCC and Jonathan Lovitz

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough. You need a solid business plan, access to capital and connections to potential partners. Fortunately, we have the NGLCC (the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) and you can get the free 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher here.

How the NGLCC helps small LGBTQ businesses

Unfortunately, the LGBTQ-owned businesses that need the collective strength of a community most tend to live where there is little access to services. That’s where the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) comes in, providing a network of support through the chamber family (#LGBTBIZ).

Jonathan Lovitz serves as Senior Vice President of the NGLCC, an advocacy group aimed at expanding economic opportunities and advancing the LGBT business community. He’s responsible for coordinating media and communications, strategic partnerships and government policy work for the organization. Jonathan appears regularly on MSNBC, CNBC, NPR, The Advocate and Out Magazine, among others, and he was recently recognized by Business Equality Magazine as one of its 40 LGBTQ Leaders Under 40.

Today on Queer Money®, Jonathan explains the goals of the NGLCC, discussing the connection between social acceptance and economic growth. He speaks to the concept of a ‘return on equality,’ sharing the extraordinary economic impact of the LGBT community in the US and the benefit to corporations that adopt inclusive business practices. Jonathan describes the discriminatory policies that prevent LGBTQ-owned businesses from competing on a level playing field and offers insight around how the NGLCC can give smaller, queer-owned businesses access to training and opportunity.

Listen in for information about the 2018 NGLCC International Business & Leadership Conference and learn the benefits of becoming an NGLCC-certified business!

Click to hear more from Jonathan Lovitz of the NGLCC:

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Topics covered about the NGLCC

The goals of the NGLCC

  • Certify, connect LGBT-owned businesses
  • Partner with corporations, government and affiliate chambers

How social and economic growth are connected

  • Business growth follows social acceptance trends
  • Harder to oppress community with ‘cash in hand’

The concept of a ‘return on equality’

  • Protections for LGBT employees
  • Represented in marketing
  • Inclusion integral to operations

The economic impact of the LGBTQ community in the US

  • $1.7T (would be tenth wealthiest country)
  • ‘Great frontier of American economic development’

Why the playing field is anything but equal

  • Equal access to credit in only 18 states
  • Discriminatory policies in 17% of Fortune 500 companies

How the chamber helps smaller queer-owned businesses

  • Ensure level playing field
  • A network of support, economic opportunities
  • Certification gives access to training

The NGLCC conference in Philadelphia

  • August 14—17
  • ‘Matchmaking’ with corporate partners
  • Activate long-term relationships

How corporations benefit from joining the chamber

  • ‘Diversity is good for business’
  • Showcase great ideas

Recent benchmarking wins for the LGBTQ community

  • BDR vote to include LGBT-, disability and veteran-owned
  • HRC requires inclusion for 100 on the Corporate Equality Index

The process of becoming an NGLCC-certified business

  • Painless and quick
  • Fees waived if a member of a local chamber

How to follow the conference if you cannot attend

  • Live stream on social
  • Biz Pitch on Facebook

5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

Connect with Jonathan and the NGLCC

  • National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Resources about and for joining the NGLCC

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