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How to Build LGBT Business at the NGLCC Conference

  September 18, 2018  |    #Make Money

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Thriving as an LGBT business via the NGLCC business conference

There are 1.4M LGBT businesses in the US, yet only 1K take advantage of the benefits of being a certified NGLCC business enterprise! We spoke with a variety of LGBT entrepreneurs are the NGLCC conference, and here’s what they said. Grow you business faster by becoming debt free starting with the free  7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

LGBT business and finding your people

Today on the podcast, we bring you interviews with NGLCC business owners Ebone Bell of Tagg Communications, Jenn T. Grace of Publish Your Purpose Press, Matt Skallerud of Pink Banana Media, Greg Byers of GB Perspectives, Jennifer Brown of Jennifer Brown Consulting, Sean Howell of Hornet, and Sophie Edwards of Cloud Surfing Media. We also chat with corporate representatives Jami Bliss of GlaxoSmithKline, Robert Schapira of Wells Fargo, Steven Garibell of TD Bank, and Mia Rella of Merrill Lynch. In addition, we speak with LGBT business leaders John Roberts, Creator of the Workplace Equality Index and Jonathan Lovitz, Senior VP of the NGLCC.

On this unique episode of Queer Money®, we ask this diverse contingent of NGLCC conference attendees about the value of attending the NGLCC conference and the opportunity it provides to grow a network of partners and allies. We discuss the reasons why LGBT business owners should consider the NGLCC, including the learning opportunities, connections, and sense of community the organization affords. We also speak to the ongoing need for a conference like the NGLCC despite public perception that marriage equality marks the end of LGBT discrimination. Listen in as conference attendees share their favorite experiences from the week in Philadelphia and offer their top money tips!

Getting down to LGBT business on Queer Money®:

Topics covered about LGBT business and the NGLCC conference

The benefits of attending the NGLCC conference

  • Able to be your authentic self
  • Grow your network, build relationships
  • Connect with partners, sponsors
  • Facetime with colleagues

Why LGBT business owners should attend NGLCC

  • Connect with suppliers, other businesses
  • Speed up own learning
  • Work together to accomplish more
  • Sense of community
  • Make business more competitive
  • Info on the LGBT community
  • Great speakers, topics

How to prepare for the NGLCC conference

  • Research attendees (#NGLCC18)
  • Connect on social in advance

The need for a conference like NGLCC

  • Safe space to thrive
  • Connect with companies (public pressure)
  • Put economic power to work
  • Support to come out of the closet at work
  • Companies learn about inclusiveness
  • Corporations lead to social change
  • Marriage equality = first step

The top conference highlights

  • ‘Family reunion’
  • Interviews with people advancing the mission
  • Awards for top NaVOBA businesses
  • Session on reaching all sectors, generations
  • Collaborative atmosphere
  • Author event at a historic bookstore

NGLCC attendees’ top money tips

  • Get educated about money
  • Meet potential large business suppliers
  • Utilize apps like Stash, Betterment
  • Surround self with people to help
  • Start saving/investing early
  • Do more with less
  • Understand the time value of money

Connect with the NGLCC

  • National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Resources about and for joining the NGLCC

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