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Money Masters: Luke Landes

  March 20, 2015  |    #Make Money

This week’s Money Master is Luke Landes of Consumerism Commentary. Luke is a pro in the personal finance blogging world. In fact, he’s the founder of our little industry’s annual awards ceremony, The Plutus Awards. To some degree, Luke has been helping others online since 1990.

What we like about Luke’s posts is that he often tackles subjects from a unique perspective. It’s what we strive to do at Debt Free Guys™. Luke is consistent with helping us see things a different way. Take, for example, his post “When It Makes Sense to Work for Free”. This isn’t readily obvious to many people, but working for free can occasionally help you get two steps ahead.

Luke also writes from the heart, as you can see from his post “Ten Things I Will Teach My Children About Money”. These are all important pieces of advice from which we can all benefit.

Learn more about Luke below.

1. What’s your story?

I grew up with lots of varied interests and possibilities, and chose an initial career path that didn’t take a need to earn a living into consideration. And this led to some difficult financial times, which I ignored to protect my psyche from falling apart. But it did fall apart, and I decided in 2003 to combine my love for blogging with a growing interest in personal finance. I got myself out of debt, turned the blog into a successful business, quit my day job and eventually became financial independent.

2. What’s your point of view, as a personal finance blogger?

The philosophy that bleeds through my writing is that we all need to take control over as many aspects of our own finances as possible, stop ignoring reality, and give some consideration to the choices we make on a daily basis. There are no quick fixes, and self-examination is the main driver for making financial improvements.

3. In one sentence, what’s one piece of sage advice from your personal finance background that you’d like to share with our readers?

“Start paying attention.” That’s how I finally realized that I needed to figure out how to make changes in my life.

Check out Consumerism Commentary and sign up for Luke’s RSS feed. We’re sure you’ll be glad you did.

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