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5 Tips for Mastering Geoarbitrage

  June 25, 2019  |    #Live Fabulously

Mastering geoarbitrage

Do you ever dream of retiring early and traveling the world with your partner? Learning how to master geoarbitrage may be the answer. Hear the 5 tips for mastering geoarbitrage on this Queer Money®.

Hear the 5 tips to mastering geoarbitrage:

Meet Ali & Alison, geoarbitrage masters

Ali & Alison Walker are the creators of All Options Considered, a platform where they share their journey to financial independence and adventures with early retirement, slow travel and cheap but tasty ramen, most recently making their way through Southeast Asia. Today, they join us to explain what inspired them to retire early and what steps they took to achieve the financial freedom that makes their current lifestyle possible.

Ali & Alison weigh in on the concept of geoarbitrage, discussing how they make decisions around where to travel based on cost of living and LGBTQ discrimination. They also offer insight into how they are financing their travel, what strategies they use to stay on budget, and how they get routine medical care in other parts of the world.

Being able to show up for people is more rewarding than anything else, worth more than brunches or vacations. - Alison of All Options ConsideredClick To Tweet

Topics covered about geoarbitrage

What inspired Alison & Ali to retire early

  • Stressful jobs, family members retiring with health issues
  • Desire to retire together + regular money conversations

How Alison & Ali achieved financial freedom

  • Downsized to condo and rented out house
  • Sold property and folded into stock market + ETFs

The value in having ongoing money conversations with your partner

  • Builds trust, confidence in each other
  • Support in other aspects of relationship

What limiting beliefs Alison & Ali had to overcome

  • Stigma of being welfare kid, massive college debt
  • Dyslexia led to low grades + low self-esteem

How limiting beliefs manifested in Alison & Ali’s financial situation

  • Lifestyle inflation
  • Stuck in mode of comparison

The concept of geoarbitrage

  • Target countries with very low cost of living
  • Balance with ‘dream countries’ to stay on strict budget

The resources Ali uses to prepare for travel

  • Cost of living indexes
  • Government websites for visa allowances
  • Political, LGBTQ issue sites (discrimination)
  • Other travel blogs + community of nomads

Alison & Ali’s definition of FIRE

  • Financially Independent Retire Early
  • Retire = never have job again

How slow travel helps Alison & Ali stay on budget

How Alison & Ali are generating income

  • Live off dividends and sale of stocks
  • Keep income low (subsidies for healthcare, avoid capital gains)

Alison & Ali’s insight on expat healthcare

  • Global medical insurance program to cover large expenses
  • Pay out-of-pocket for routine care (e.g.: dental work in Thailand)

Alison’s take on the greatest benefits of early retirement

  • Freedom to say YES
  • Showing up for people more rewarding than things

Alison & Ali’s 5 tips for mastering geoarbitrage

  1. Get out of debt
  2. Articulate goals + assign real numbers
  3. Don’t buy new cars
  4. Max out your 401(k)
  5. Save, save, save (live below means)

Connect with Ali & Alison

Resources for mastering geoarbitrage

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When you travel a lot, people assume you’re rich. Often, those of us who travel mastered money in more meaningful ways. Geoarbitrage is just one. #MoneyTips #LGBTQ #GayTravel #Lesbians #Travel #EarlyRetirement #MoneyConscious


One response to “5 Tips for Mastering Geoarbitrage

  1. Very inspiring. We bought property in Costa Rica to have a geoarbitrage option, though currently still live in the US and use the Costa Rica places part-time and for rental income. Given the rapidly increasing cost of healthcare in the US, geoarbitrage is a sound strategy simply to contain those costs — our monthly premium is our single highest line item, more than our monthly housing and car costs combined.

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The 5-step plan to pay off credit card debt faster and cheaper starts with this . . .