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11 Secrets of Gay Power Couples You Don’t Know

  April 23, 2020  |    #Live Fabulously

11 secrets you didn’t know about gay power couples

Neil & David, Ellen & Portia, George & Brad, we want to be with them or like them. But how did they become the gay power couples they are? Here are 11 steps.

1. Gay power couples communicate

Above all else, these gay power couples recognized that their strength comes from being a strong couple. The best way to stay strong is to communicate.

They. Talk. About. Everything.

Whether it’s money, sex, love, business, family, they talk so they can get on the same page. They’re a team and they communicate like one.

Want to communicate better with your other half?

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2. Power couples limit their limitations

Most people acquire an unhealthy dose of limiting beliefs as we grow up. Queer people do so disproportionately more. However, these queer heroes know they do themselves a disservice if they’re their own worst enemy.

So, they overcome their limiting beliefs and receive all the success they can imagine. Like Dorothy and her quest to go home, they know they have the power within them.

Hear how to overcome your deepest, strongest limiting beliefs:

3. They take risks and fail forward

Power people take risks. They aren’t afraid to fail. They don’t like to fail, but they’re not afraid to fail because they know that when they’re not winning, they’re learning. They know that comfort stifles progress; no progress or slow progress means no success.

Many start their own businesses or work to become titans of industry. They know that the more power they have the more power they give our queer community. They step out of the closet and then step up to leadership.

To be good business partners, whether they work together or not, they know what each other wants. Do you know what your partner wants?

Watch the power of learning versus losing:

4. They never stop learning

To keep up with other like-mind homos, they constantly learn, read, listen and watch informational, educational and inspirational books, podcasts, videos, webinars, blogs, etc.

They soak up information like a sponge to change themselves and the world.

This insatiable learning also includes learning all there is about the “scary” topic of money, making it not-so-scary. A great first step to overcome this FEAR (false evidence appearing real) is with the Couples Money Guide.

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5. Gay power couples support each other like jockstraps

Successful people have clear, achievable goals. Successful gay couples support each others’ ambitions. They may not have the same exact goals, but they support each other’s individual goals. They act as each other’s accountability partners; they’re a mini-mastermind.

They understand that the other’s success is their success. When one wins, they both win. When one loses, they both learn.

A way for each of you to be clear on each other’s dreams are is for each of you to create vision boards. Collect and post pictures of the lives you want to live, the goals you want to achieve, and the leader you want to be.

See our 3 fun tips for making vision boards:

6. Power couples spend less money than they make

These successful duos on our green and blue sphere know where each dollar comes from and where each dollar goes. They never ask, “Where the f*ck did all my money go?” They’re crystal clear on how, when and where they spend their money. They understand that the physics of money says they cannot spend more than they make and be financially secure.

They have budgets and use tools to stick to their budget like Kerri Strug sticks landings. They understand what Soren Kierkegaard meant when he said, “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom,” and that a budget is not restrictive but liberating.

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7. Gay bosses give back to our gay gaggle

Power couples understand that “to whom much is given much is expected.” They know the causes and initiatives that are important to them, and they donate their time and money accordingly.

Like Oprah said, “And [giving is] not just about writing a check. It’s being able to touch somebody’s life.” The better they do the better they can give back.

This is how to give back smartly to the queer community:

8. The power couple is often the hot couple

Whether they’re bears, twinks, otters or jocks, they take care of themselves. They know that they are their brand. Whether they work for themselves or someone else, they know their mugs help them win or lose. So, they take care of their bodies and their looks without sacrificing secret number five.

These gay inspirations get their (plump) behinds into the gym and move their burly booties every day.

They don’t obsess about body image. They don’t manufacture false ideals. They simply know their health leads to success, and their brand needs a healthy image.

See about the One Thing about setting goals, including fitness goals:

Likewise, they know that clothes that fit them well are better than clothes that cost them much. They don’t need a lot of clothing, but the clothing they have is good and makes them look good. No one tires of looking at a man in a well-fitted suit no matter how often he wears it, whether on the beach or in the office.

9. They spend their time with like-minded people

Successful people know what Jim Rohn knew, “you’re the average of the five people with whom you spend most of your time.”

They don’t isolate themselves from everyone else. As Bob Proctor says, they spend time with all their other friends, just not as long and as frequently. Rather, they seek out people who push them to be better. They find their people, others who think bigger, want more and give back plenty.

See the value of finding your people:

10. Play is work and work is play

They know that time is money and money is time. Like all of us, they like their gaycations and blend playtime and work time. Whether it’s dinner or travel or adventuring, they connect with their network and their network’s network to build business relationships and friendships.

They understand that they can have their cake and eat it, too, with synergies, mutually beneficial relationships and A Whole New Mind level of thinking.

11. They recharge right

These Not-Too-Ambiguously-Gay-Duos aren’t superhuman, though they’re super successful. They know when and how to recharge without wrecking secret number five. They know maximizing secret number eleven doesn’t mean sacrificing secret number seven.

Taking a break doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Unwinding physically and mentally doesn’t mean overdoing it with sex, drugs or alcohol. They know that overdoing these vices means undoing their goals and objectives. They, also, know there’s a healthy balance and don’t deny themselves occasional desires.

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