Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I moved to Denver CO in 1999 shortly after graduating from Bloomsburg University. My original motivation for moving to Colorado was snowboarding the great Rocky Mountains. During this time, I acquired the majority of my debt. My income was okay, but outflow was horrible. I simply lived beyond my means and it eventually caught up with me.After a year of play, I landed a job at a Fortune 500 financial services firm as a customer service representative. Over the years, I acquired a number of industry licenses and dabbled in trading, advice, sales, compliance and business strategy. My income was better, but I still lived beyond my means while I attempted to take tiny bites out of my debt.Despite having had thirteen years of combined experience working in financial services between my partner, David Auten, and me, we were financial messes. We realized in 2004 that we needed to do something about our financial situation. We were two thirty-something professionals with $51,000 of combined credit card debt, living in a basement apartment. After reaching our rock-bottom, we made the decision to not continue on the road we had been for so long. Now we're out of debt and use our blog ( and our books to help others becoming #MoneyConscious and financially independent.I now have fourteen years of experience in financial services in both retail and institutional investing. I have my Master's Degree in Business Administration and am Series 7, 63, 9, 10, 66 and 24 licensed. David and I have now published three eBooks in our #MoneyConscious Series and have a fourth, hard copy book scheduled for release towards the end of 2014 and another eBook in early 2015.The mission of the Debt Guys is to help everyone become #MoneyConscious resulting in eliminating their debt, living a debt free life and empowering them to achieve financial success by virtue of the universal principles discovered by us through our own financial mistakes, victories and professional training.Emails us, visit our blog or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest to help yourself be #MoneyConscious and achieve financial independence.

Cold Weather Tips

The cold and snow in the Northeast and Midwest is getting frustrating to say the least.  Money Conscious consumers should be aware that because of the extreme and extended cold, energy prices are expected to increase.

What can you do?

123456 is the Most Popular Online Password and a Hacker’s Dream

What recent data breaches have shown is that we’re not good at creating passwords that are even remotely challenging to a hacker.  “123456” has replaced “password” as the most popular online password in the U.S. After Target’s data breach, we recommended changing all online passwords, including bank and investment accounts, email, phone, bills, etc.  When 

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10 Ways to Save

Make sure you’re in the right savings account for you. Many people made a resolution to pay off credit cards this year.  These resolutions often annually fail because people don’t plan appropriately.  The goal is to pay off credit cards, but first preparing for unexpected expenses is important.  Our number one suggestion is to first build 

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An Age-Based Salary Guide

Salary increases aren’t inevitable as we age and perpetual age. Unlike this article says, we don’t think everyone is trained to believe our salaries will continue to increase as we age until the day we retire.  What’s true, though, is that many of us don’t prepare for the reality that salary increases won’t be a 

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You May Lose Your Job to Robots

The Robots are Coming, the Robots are Coming! In 2005, Daniel H. Pink released A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.  In it, he describes that the Agricultural Age, Industrial Age and Information Age will be followed by the Conceptual Age.  In the Conceptual Age, because of “Asia, automation (robots) and abundance”, 

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