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Money Masters: Amy Robles of Think Enriched

  December 27, 2015  |    #Eliminate Debt

We’re huge, huge fans of this month’s Money Master, Amy Robles of the Think Enriched website and podcast. Amy reached out to us a while back to help her with a project on which she was working at the time and we’ve been mutual fans ever since.

Amy hosts the informative and motivational podcast Think Enriched. Amy has a great “radio voice” and the talent to get her guests to open up in a way that enlightens her listeners. We listen to Amy when we run and it’s a great combination of physical and mental health.

On Monday December 21st, we interviewed Amy on The Debt Free Guys™ Money Master Balb. We laughed, had some great conversation about all of Amy’s work and enjoyed some quality time chatting about all of our money adventures. You can watch the interview below.

What’s Amy Robles’ Story?

Wow!  So cool to be a Money Master!  Those Debt Free Guys™ are making such an impact on so many people in the world.  This is really an honor!

Our family lived in Hawaii for a few years and costs kept rising.  While my husband was away at work, I didn’t realize it at the time, but Target became a friend.  I would go and spend money there just to be out and take my young baby out  in the world.  Money was filling a void of loneliness in my life.

We moved to the Seattle area and thought we would do much better financially because we weren’t paying crazy island prices.  Boy!  Were we wrong!  At the beginning of 2013 we took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and completely changed our lives.

By making small changes and focusing exactly where our money was going each month, taking the time to plan where the money was going, in just 2 years we have been able to pay off over $40,000 of debt.  We are finishing up the student loans now, and are on the path to creating the life we want.

But here’s the thing: people ask me nearly daily what we did…it wasn’t one big thing.  It was lots of tiny little changes that have been made to concentrate all our energy, focus and beat down these debts.

Now I help others understand that money is the tool to create the life of your dreams.  You can’t get there without the money, and once you start to figure it out life becomes really, REALLY amazing!

What’s Amy Robles’ point of view as a personal finance pro?

It’s simple.  “Drive your Money Bus.”  You are in charge.  No one can do it for you.  No one will do it for you. (And if they will, well, they’re probably not the type of person you want all up in your business.) It’s good to listen to the money gurus, but you make the right decision for you and your family.  Only you are driving your Money Bus. What works for you now may not be the same thing that works for you in a couple of years – that’s okay.  In fact, it’s good. The important thing is that you are making the decisions.  I waited too long for someone to come and help me fix the problem.  The problem was that I wasn’t taking control.  Ask questions.  Ask so very many questions.  It’s not a weakness.  It shows that you’re thinking, you want to progress, and you willing to put in the time to learn.

What sage advice would Amy Robles share with our readers?

Once you are driving your Money Bus, you have a power that you never expected before.  Go.  Think bigger!  Think about using that money to make the kinds of change in the world you see fit!  Once you get the steps of discipline and focus down, you can make fantastic things happen in your life, and the lives of others!  I’d love to have you connect with me online so I can cheer you on in your journey!

Those Cool Debt Free Guys™, Thank you for this fantastic opportunity!

Listen to Amy Robles on her Think Enriched podcast regularly and your thinking will be enriched regularly.

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  1. Thanks for this article. Truly inspiring. Sometimes I feel like I am fighting a lost battle. My partner tells me investing is just a huge scam and I don’t have anything else, apart from “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” phrase! Well, I’l trudge along and see where it takes me!


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