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How to Achieve the Life of Your Dreams

  October 8, 2019  |    #Live Fabulously

What achieving the life of your dreams looks like

Growing up as the son of Italian immigrants in the Deep South during the Civil Rights movement wasn’t easy. Being gay didn’t make it any easier. Rather than taking on limiting beliefs, Bernardo Puccio eliminated the word CAN’T from his vocabulary and started visualizing how he would achieve the life of his dreams.

 Hear how you too can achieve the life of your dreams

Join Bernardo by achieving the life of your dreams

Bernardo became a world-renowned interior designer with a distinguished career spanning 50-plus years. After growing up in the segregated South where being gay was dangerous, he moved to California to pursue a glamorous life inhabited by the Hollywood elite. Bernardo was designer to (and friends with) stars like Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor and Telly Savalas. He and his partner of 32 years, Orin Kennedy, are the subject of the award-winning documentary, An Ordinary Couple, and Bernardo recently completed the memoir of his extraordinary life, 13 Pieces of Unmatched Luggage and My Poodle.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Bernardo joins us to share his experience growing up gay in Alabama in the 1950’s. He walks us through his path to becoming an interior designer and describes how visualization helped him create the career and life he wanted—in Beverly Hills. Listen in for Bernardo’s insight around what propelled him to the top of his field and get inspired to believe that you, too, CAN live the life of your dreams!

“It’s not that I’m better than anyone, but no one’s better than me.” - Bernardo PuccioClick To Tweet

Topics Covered on achieving the life of your dreams

Bernardo’s experience growing up in Alabama in the 1950’s

  • Favorite toy was mother’s wedding dress
  • Mother tried to prepare for life to come
  • Made stronger and driven to excel

Bernardo’s insight on the power of visualization

  • Picture what want life to look like (e.g.: movies)
  • Escape into what you’re creating

Bernardo’s path to becoming an interior designer

  • Studied arts/theatre + business administration
  • Attended Birmingham Conservatory of Music
  • Job doing window displays at department store
  • Protégé of top interior designer in Birmingham

The characteristics that got Bernardo to the top of his field

  • Fit in with stars in Beverly Hills (designer and friend)
  • Taught clients lifestyle and travel around world

How to adopt Bernardo’s mindset of confidence

  • Be sure of yourself and know what you want
  • Remove word CAN’T from vocabulary

What inspired Bernardo to quit drinking

  • Faced with reality of death 10 years ago
  • Decision to change way of life after liver transplant

What inspired Bernardo to write his autobiography

  • Hope one person gets life-saving encouragement
  • Advice for anyone sick to believe in self and God

Bernardo’s top advice for Queer Money listeners

  • Use your talents
  • Believe in yourself

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Resources for achieving the life of your dreams

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