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The Path to Early Retirement Isn’t as Complicated as You Think

  May 17, 2017  |    #Make Money

The path to early retirement is possible, not impossibly hard

A leading financial concern is retirement planning. Here’s the fastest path to early retirement and late retirement planners planning.

An unconventional path to early retirement

Todd Tresidder of Financial Mentor is our Queer Money® guest this week. Todd graduated from the University of California at Davis with a B.A. in economics. He overcame getting fired from his first job and built his own wealth as a hedge fund investment manager before “retiring” at 35.

At the encouragement of his wife, Todd teaches advanced investing and advanced retirement planning principles to his clients and anyone and everyone who will listen. He’s the author of How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?

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The queer path to early – even late but fabulous – retirement  

Rather than the traditional retirement plan of working 9-to-5, saving money in a 401(k) and then investing in the stock market, Todd recommends an unconventional method of retirement planning that was part of his early retirement plan.

Todd sees the traditional plan as saving and investing as much as one can and then spending as little as one can so they don’t outlive their money. Todd’s model for early or efficient retirement planning is capitalizing on models of cash flow, including paper assets (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds), personally owned businesses and real estate.

If you’re not good at all those things, don’t worry. Todd’s got you covered. His first recommendation to you to start your early retirement plan is to get the super-helpful Retirement Guide, Calculator and Community Director below.

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