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Be Money Conscious and Be Awesome

  January 4, 2017  |    #Eliminate Debt

Be money conscious

What’s it mean to be money conscious, and why is it the first step in becoming debt free? Find out on this episode of Queer Money®, and dig deeper in the book 4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life, which you can get by clicking here.

Being money conscious is truly living fabulously

So many gay men long to look and seem fabulous to make up for being bullied and picked on when we were younger, for being neglected by our family and for feeling second-class at work, in government and in public. So, we try to make up for it by spending more than we can afford to buy things we don’t need.

Thus, we’re not truly living fabulously. This was our story.

4 tells our story of how we learned personally and professionally about getting out of and staying out of debt, after years of living fabulously but fabulously broke. On this four-week, Queer Money™ series, we share the highlights of each of the four principles and give you the tools in this series and by clicking here to master each principle.

Hear all about what it means to be money conscious on this Queer Money®:

Principle one: be money conscious

The money consciousness principle is uniquely interesting to us because when we wrote 4, we thought we brilliantly coined this term “money conscious.” To us, it meant being clear on how much money we earn, save and spend. It meant having a little understanding of the economy, and it affects our lives.

It wasn’t until after we published 4 that we read Napoleon Hill’s book, Think & Grow Rich. In his book, Hill talks about money consciousness on a metaphysical level. The results of money consciousness on both a practical and spiritual level produce the same results. As Hill says, “only those who become money conscious ever accumulate great riches.”

Achieving money consciousness

On this Queer Money™, David tells a fun but all too familiar story about when we weren’t money conscious and spent over $500 on new clothes for one weeknight of dancing – the queens must dance, right? This is an example of what we mean by living fabulously broke. We then share our story of how we became money conscious and its effect on our personal and financial lives.

To learn how to master every single step in living a debt free life, get your copy of 4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life by clicking this link here.

Queer Money™

More info for help on living a debt free life:

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  1. Being money conscious is extremely important! It is easy to get lost in your bad habits of spending money without even realizing it! We always love listening to your podcasts and can’t wait to learn the rest of the principles throughout this month!

    Wishing you a happy and successful new year from the Centsai team!

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