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Earn Extra Money and Win with a Side Hustle

  March 13, 2018  |    #Make Money

How you can earn extra money starting now

Conventional wisdom says that a steady paycheck is the safest to financial security. But, what if you have a low-paying W2 or you lose your W2? How can you earn extra money?

Why LGBTQ people need to earn extra money

It’s especially important for LGBTQ people to have a side hustle, a way to earn extra money as a safety net should something happen with your regular job, or denied housing or services because you’re LGBTQ. Or, better yet, for the financial freedom to be able to walk away from that regular job should you choose.

Nick Loper is the Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation, a growing community of entrepreneurs united by the common goal of financial freedom. Nick started his first side hustle to earn extra money in 2004, running an affiliate website that offered comparison shopping for shoes. He quit his corporate job with Ford Motor Company in 2008, and he has been exploring non-job income opportunities as a serial entrepreneur ever since, running eight to ten side hustles at any given time! Nick is also the host of the Side Hustle Show, a top-rated podcast all about starting and growing your own successful business.

Hear Nick talk about how to earn extra money with a side hustle:

Chief Side Hustler on how to earn extra money

Today, Nick shares his definition of a side hustle, explaining the many benefits of pursuing additional income streams as well as his top strategies for coming up with ideas for your own side hustle. He offers his take on how to gain confidence as a freelancer, which side hustles are the most lucrative, and the best available tools and resources to get started.

Topics covered to help you earn extra money

Nick’s first side hustle

  • Affiliate site for footwear comparison shopping
  • Google shut down site for three months, sales tax issues
  • Established multiple income streams as safety net

The benefits of a side hustle

  • Extra source of income
  • Sense of security, self-worth
  • Build additional skills

Nick’s definition of a side hustle

  • Anything outside of day job to make extra money
  • Way to take control of own financial destiny

Nick’s insight around finding inspiration for a side hustle

  • Doesn’t have to be novel (riskier to do something new)
  • Intersection skills/experience, interests and network
  • Sniper model (steal sliver of business from established)

How to gain confidence as a freelancer

  • Work below market rate/for free to start
  • Build a portfolio, referrals

Nick’s take on the most lucrative side hustles

  • Freelance, consulting
  • Create assets (course, eBook)
  • eCommerce

Nick’s predictions around the side hustle of tomorrow

  • Keep a pulse on trends, ‘sell shovels into Gold Rush’

The best side hustles for earning quick cash

  • Freelancing (e.g.: graphic design, paint houses)
  • Thrifting (i.e.: resell on Craigslist, eBay)

The best tools and resources for starting a side hustle

  • Apps/sites like TaskRabbit and Takl
  • Collection of resources on Nick’s blog

The value of having your own blog

  • Creative outlet
  • Build authority
  • Learn additional skills (e.g.: WordPress)

How to leverage your expertise as a side hustle

  • Do AND teach
  • Become go-to for community

Connect with Nick to become a side hustler

Resources to help you earn extra money

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