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A Dinero Detox Will Make You Skinny & Rich

  October 5, 2017  |    #Tools

Dinero Detox to get fat 

There are detoxes to clean you out and detoxes to make you lose weight. No one typically looks for a fattening detox until now. Our Dinero Detox will make your wallet fat!

Kickstart financial success with a Dinero Detox

I don’t know about you, but I hate dieting and starting a diet is the worst. The stars need to be aligned just right and it must, must, must be a Monday. Who starts a diet on a Wednesday? Sunday’s an even dumber day to start a diet. “Hey, good game!” (clinks celery sticks).

We prefer, rather, to maintain a healthy way of eating. Of course, we have our weak moments and the holidays are hard for us, too. So, when we do a diet, we like to kickstart with a detox. Sounds healthy, right? We cleanse our systems and motivate ourselves to ensure this is it! No more excuses.

Such is the Dinero Detox. But, rather than making something smaller, we’re making something bigger – no, not a double entendre. The Dinero Detox will help you make strides towards your financial goals. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is and by how much money you save by kickstarting your money diet into high gear.

First, where the hell did the Dinero Detox come from, anyway?

In addition to being money-conscious, we’re health-conscious. My father bought me a weight bench when I was fourteen. We created a makeshift gym in the garage. I taped pictures of bodybuilders and healthy men all over my bedroom walls. I’ve been working out ever since . . . well, mostly. It wasn’t until years later that I realized all those pictures of men on my wall weren’t just for motivation, but that’s another story.

Since David and I have been together, we’ve done several different exercise programs and followed several food trends. We both maintain consistently good health, so these changes are less about finding something that works than keeping it fresh. We get bored with redundancy and mixing it up keeps us motivated.

The Dinero Detox inspiration

We had a friend over for dinner, and she told us about The Conscious Cleanse. It’s not a diet but a detoxification. The gist of the cleanse is to cut out all high-allergen and processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and sugar and replace them with a 3:1 ratio of vegetables to fruit for two weeks. After those two weeks, the food that was excluded from your diet is slowly added back into your diet.

Participants are instructed to pay close attention to their body’s reaction to the food that’s reincorporated back into their diet. The idea is to be aware of even the slightest adverse reactions.

When we did Conscious Cleanse ourselves, we thought of how of a detox could apply to save money and tada! the Dinero Detox was born. The Dinero Detox is about not spending discretionary money for a specified time. Because of ongoing bills and expenses and the fact that we must eat, regardless of what detox we’re on, spending an absolute $0 is impossible. Therefore, just as a traditional detox eliminates waste, a Dinero Detox reduces financial waste and superfluous spending.

How the Dinero Detox works

Choose a time between a weekend and a month to spend no discretionary money. Pay your bills, feed yourself and your family and donate to your charity. Don’t spend money on discretionary expenses like dining out, entertainment or other things you don’t really need.

Rather than driving everywhere, walk or ride your bike. If you live in a city, this is easy. If you live in the suburbs, get your groceries and other necessities in advance.

Rather than going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, cook all meals at home. Have friends over and cook together to entertain yourself. This is a social strategy that will help you save money and lose weight.

Rather than going out to the movies, watch a movie on Hulu or Netflix. Co-opt your loved ones. Rather than going out, have friends and family over for games – it’s hard to beat a night of Cards Against Humanity.

Don’t go clothing shopping, especially out of boredom. Read a free book on Kindle or iTunes. Skip going to the yoga studio or your aerobics class if you pay as you go and do your workout in your living room, basement or backyard. Living room workouts are more fun with neighbors and friends, too.

On a side note, I haven’t renewed my yoga membership in years because I love doing Sean Vigue’s yoga routines from YouTube. He’s quirky enough to make me laugh.

Finally, create a plan not to spend excess money, thereby saving as much money as possible. Fill your time with activities and alternatives that cost little to no money. As with everything else about money, planning is the key.

The two rewards of the Dinero Detox

The first reward of the Dinero Detox is a vacation from consumerism. Americans consume, consume, consume. We consume food. We consume natural resources. We consume unnatural resources. We consume entertainment. We buy, buy, buy and spend, spend, spend. We get more and more stuff and then get more stuff because we still don’t have enough stuff.

“Stop the insanity,” as Susan Powter once wisely opined.

A consumption vacation is good for your mind and soul. It’ll give you a break from hunting and gathering for things you don’t need with money you don’t have.

The second reward of the Dinero Detox is that you’ll save money. By the end of your Dinero Detox, you’ll have more money in your account than you usually do. You can then put these savings towards your real financial goals.

If you’re paying off debt, but this saved – or as Benji said “earned” –  money towards your debt. If you want to 10 times your Dinero Detox, try our favorite strategy here to pay off debt fast.

If you’re saving for a vacation, wedding, college education or charitable goal, put your extra money towards them. Use the budgeting system we outline step-by-step by clicking here in this Budget Buster Bundle to put your saved money towards those financial goals. It’ll help you achieve your financial goals faster, and that’ll feel good.

Do a Dinero Detox a few times a year, and you’ll fast-track your way to financial success. If nothing else, your fatter wallet will make your waist look smaller.

More ways to 10 times your Dinero Detox:

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