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How Cascading Homophobia Hurts Pay Equality

  October 6, 2020  |    #Make Money

How cascading homophobia affects the LGBT pay gap Despite the Supreme Court ruling in favor of LGBTQ job protections, homophobia in the workplace didn’t disappear. Companies big and small still suffer from cascading homophobia, which hits our community in the pocketbook. Here’s how we can change that. Hear more about cascading homophobia on this Queer …

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10 Super Simple Investing Tips

  September 29, 2020  |    #Make Money

What investing tips should you know? No other part of the economy is designed for success quite like the stock market. So, what’s keeping you from being a member of the Investing Class? Setting up an investment account is easy, and you can get started today by using our investing tips! Hear our first 5 …

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5 Smartest Ways to Use LGBT Facebook Ads

  August 13, 2020  |    #Make Money

Hi there! You new here? We love that you found our gay little corner of the web. Here at Debt Free Guys, we’re all about helping queer people live lives they truly love inside and out. We think happiness is a 360-degree experience (purpose, love, money, wellness, and lifestyle) that you also deserve. After reading …

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