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How Couples Can Manage Different Incomes in a Relationship

  March 22, 2022  |    #Make Money

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What do you do if you and your partner have different incomes  

When there is a financial gap between you and your partner, it can cause stress and problems.  And if you have debt that can be even more of a stressor. Let us help you eliminate your credit card debt with this free  7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

How can queer couples with different incomes successfully manage their money together? It’s easier than you think.

Is it possible to divide household expenses when incomes are vastly different, so everyone pays their fair share?  Recently, a podcast listener sent us this question: My husband and I have different incomes. What’s the best way for us to manage our money together?  Thank you for the question, Ash. We have some experience in this, so today we are talking about how couples can meet all their monthly obligations so that everyone is paying their fair share, even when there is a disparity in incomes. We’ll walk you through the three primary ways couples can divide expenses and discuss how your system for divvying up might change as your relationship evolves.

On this episode of Queer Money®, we give our pro tip for making sure you cover all your set expenses while easily managing those that vary, like utilities and dining out. Plus, we share our experience and what has worked for us in managing our household finances. 

Our tips for managing different incomes:

Topics covered on how to manage different incomes

  • When do you expose your true financial picture to your partner?
  • How Prince Charming Syndrome keeps you tied to money lies 
  • What is the most common way couples divide expenses? 
  • When should you split expenses and when should each person pay what they’re responsible for?
  • What’s the most important thing to remember when sharing expenses?
  • What method works best when you have disparate or very different incomes
  • How to work things out so each partner feels like they are covering their fair share
  • Our pro tip for paying the set monthly expenses vs. those that fluctuate monthly
  • When does a hybrid between the 50/50 and the percentage split work best?
  • How divvying up evolves as the relationship progresses 
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