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15 Social Media Tricks to Take Your Brand from Bland to Grand

  May 24, 2017  |    #Make Money

Sassy Social Media Tricks

We all love a good trick. Tricks give us the treats we need when we need it and then we can move onto the next trick. Today, we’re sharing 15 social media tricks to give more and get more.

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Tricking Out Your Social Space

Do you like talking with naggy, whiny, and gloomy people or do you prefer positive peeps who tells good stories and lifts you up? Balancing our preferences is our struggle with most queer media and content these days. We’ve been saying that we need more gay bloggers, that the queer community needs to both step out of the closet and step up into leadership positions everywhere. Today that requires a robust social media presence and that’s why this Queer Money™ is about our favorite social media tricks.

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Social Media Tricks for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Social media can be a trap or a tool. If used correctly, social media is an amazing way to improve your personal brand and equity to earn more and influence more. It can grow or ruin your business. Gay men are mostly on Facebook and Instagram, but we, the Debt Free Guys™, use Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ all for different reasons.

Today we cover why and how we use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you’re just starting out as a blogger or you see the value, as we do, in managing your social media presence to manage your personal brand, these three social media platforms and our 15 social media tricks are perfect for you.

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