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You’re Debt Free. Now What?

  April 3, 2024  |    #Eliminate Debt

A reader of our blog emailed us for advice. Here’s the situation:

“My spouse and I sold our house. Once we close, we’ll use the profit to pay off all our debt. That will leave us with leftover money and extra money each month. My question is how do we proceed from here to prepare for retirement?”

10 Best Tips for Reducing Expenses

  March 27, 2024  |    #Eliminate Debt

The holiday season is rapidly approaching.  No longer does it start on “Black Friday”, that annual day when America’s tryptophan wears off.  Now it starts before Halloween and goes to Valentine’s Day.  Who knew there was a reason to mail Halloween cards?  Hallmark really knows how to capitalize on days of the year.

7 Fast Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

  January 17, 2024  |    #Eliminate Debt

A Facebook fan asked us to share ways to improve credit scores. There are lots of people with low credit scores. FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation), which is the most commonly used credit score, uses a point scale from 300 to 850. The average credit score in the U.S. is 636 and the median score at 723. With the average score below the median, this means that the scores below the median are so low that they pull the average way down. It’s math and, as John would say, “hurts my head.” Simply said, there are more bad scores than good scores. 

We have seven suggestions that will help improve credit scores for those in the majority. If you must improve your credit score, we suggest you do each of these in the order they are presented, as the former will provide more immediate benefits than the latter. 

How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt in 2024

  January 3, 2024  |    #Eliminate Debt

How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt THIS YEAR Are you searching for the quickest way to repay credit card debt while saving money and boosting your credit score? While the Avalanche and Snowball methods have helped many, the Debt Lasso Method is more effective. In this article, we’ll explore how this method helped us …

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