4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life

Are you buried in debt searching for ways to become debt free?

Have you struggled and failed before to become debt free?

Are you concerned that you’ll forever be in debt?

We know how you feel.

John was buried in $30,000 for seven years.
David had $21,000 of debt for 17 years.

We finally said, “Enough is enough!” So, we paid off our debt and put what we
know about paying off debt in this book. For a third-party review, please visit BadCredit.org.

Who are the Debt Free Guys?

We’re David Auten and John Schneider. Despite having had thirteen years of combined experience in financial services when we first dated, we were two thirty-something professionals with $51,000 of combined credit card debt.

As husbands, we’re debt free. As business partners, we’re The Debt Free Guys. We combine our personal and professional experiences with money to help the queer community live debt free, have fun and be money conscious. We’ll help you do more and be more by helping you achieve financial freedom.

We host the Queer Money™ Show, a podcast and YouTube show. We’ve published three eBooks in the #MoneyConscious Series and a fourth, hard-copy book, called 4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life.

Our work has appeared in Yahoo!Finance, Business Insider, The Huffington Post and Time’s Money Magazine.com. We’ve been featured on NerdWallet, The Christian Science Monitor and MSN Money.

“This book offers simple solutions anyone can apply to their daily lives to make small changes that equal big results over the long run.”
– Monica

“The best part of the book though is the level of detail to which the authors go in describing how to get out of debt.”
– Joseph

Great read once you can accept the truth of your life and commit to changing your ways!”
– Francine

“This isn’t a just a ‘do as I say’ book. The personal examples of how they applied to their situations make the techniques more plausible.”
– Oma

“A debt free life has so many benefits beyond dollars and cents. And these guys explain how and why very well.”