1500 Days to Freedom Guest Rant

Mr. & Mrs. 1500 of 1500 Days to Freedom were awesome enough to invite us to their home just north of us a few months back. While we were BBQing and having a great time talking about all things blogging, they also offered to let us participate on their Thursday Guest Rant Series.

If you haven’t noticed, we have an opinion about almost anything and not long before the 1500’s offer, David had a little run-in with United Airlines about United’s Mileage Plus Awards Program. So, David wrote a rant that flowed from his hand as if moved by a higher power. See his rant here on 1500 Day to Freedom.

We want to especially thank Mr. & Mrs. 1500 for being gracious enough for giving us this platform. Our partnerships with them are always very lucrative. We hope this is mutually beneficial for them. Please visit their site regularly. They’re always good for a good read.

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