The Debt Free Guys

Who are we?

We’re David Auten and John Schneider. Despite having had thirteen years of combined experience in financial services when we first dated, we were two thirty-something professionals with $51,000 of combined credit card debt.

As husbands, we’re debt free. As business partners, we’re The Debt Free Guys. We combine our personal and professional experiences with money to help the queer community live debt free, have fun and be money conscious. We’ll help you do more and be more by helping you achieve financial freedom.

Our passion is to help the queer community be financially responsible and build wealth, so we can continue our fight for equality and be more powerful contributors to society.

Where are we?

We host the Queer Money Show, a podcast (iTunes, SoundCloudSticher) and YouTube show (Debt Free Guys’ YouTube Channel). We’ve published three eBooks in the #MoneyConscious Series and a fourth, hard-copy book, called 4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life.

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