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Why YOU Must Vote

  September 3, 2014  |    #Uncategorized

It fascinates how things converge. Very often when a trend happens, another parallel trend happens. When one occurrence happens, another similar occurrence happens. It’s said that bad things happen in threes, but we think most things occur in multiples. Most occurrences aren’t independent of each other.

Today is a prime example, both today, as in our current times, and Monday, August 10, 2014. We’re not sure when this post will go live (apparently Wednesday, September 3, 2014). Middle America, the middle class, is being squeezed. Since as far back to Thomas Jefferson’s time and in Thomas Jefferson’s mind America’s strength was based on the strength of the middle class. The middle class today hurts.

At the same time, there has never been such distrust and even disgust in American institutions and our leaders. In a recent poll, a dentist visit polled better than our current president by a majority. Before Congress bloviates, it is looked at even less favorably but not as favorably as herpes. Democrats poll only slightly better than Republicans. Though we support neither party, we think the Democrat’s favorability over Republicans is attributed to journalism’s leftward slant.

Awareness is Happening

These trends were both highlighted today, Monday, August 10, 2014, in separate articles. “In the Future, We’ll All be Renters: America’s Disappearing Middle Class” by Joel Kotkin is an excerpt from his forthcoming book The New Class Conflict. It highlights the struggle of today’s middle class. None of this is particularly new to anyone who pays attention to news, specifically economic and business news. Middle America suffers from stagnant wages, inflation, specifically with housing, college and healthcare costs, decreased job security, punitive savings rates and a stock market that’s nearly impossible to navigate against the tide of Wall Street’s elite.

The Politico’s Lucy McCalmont wrote “Pollsters: ‘Everything is Terrible’” in which she highlights the anger and resentment America’s majority has towards nearly everything today. Occurrences such as last October ‘s government shutdown, NSA snooping, immigration, Benghazi, Iraq, the VA scandal and the persistent negative tone and gridlock in Washington has caused Americans to distrust, if not loath, most institutions and our leaders.

We’ve mentioned in several of our own pieces before that we believe the root cause of most of what ails us is crony capitalism and corporatist America. Our politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are bought and sold.

The Selling Out of America

Republicans marriage to corporate America is so well documented, there’s no need to waste anymore Internet space. For the sake of fairness, however, we’ll waste space. Ronald Reagan sold out America to Bechtel whose money bought him his presidency. George H.W. Bush sold out America to national and international oil, while his son sold many no-bid contracts to Halliburton. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Democrats, however, have over the decades done a pretty good job or hiding their marriage to corporate America, but that trick of illusion is disappearing. While they both speak a populist message, Goldman Sachs has not better friends than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Obama’s relationship with GE, which owns much of the world’s media in addition to selling refrigerators, is so cozy he may as well be called Jack Donaghy.

Taken in totality, the tone of both articles is negative. Unfortunately, this negativity and anger, as McCalmont suggests, is turning many Americans off from wanting to vote in the coming elections. Apathy and complacency of the American people are the ideal emotions of our political and business class who prefer American’s to be slightly overworked, rested just enough and over saturated with fat, sugar, pop culture and manufactured scandals.

Vote for Real Change

This coming November and the following are when Americans must hit the voting booth for something different than the two party system, the lesser of two evils and the status quo. Until politicians feel the pain of losing elections and learn that their positions are loaned and not owned, the status quo will continue. Until the two indistinguishable parties realize that alternatives, such as Independents, Libertarians, real Socialists, Greens and other can snatch their seats, Americans can’t hope for change.

Don’t buy the hype that voting for something different or what you really want is throwing your vote away. That is what the standard-bearers want you to believe to secure their votes.

Only when we create this fear in our leaders will we see positive change for Middle America. Only then will The Fed stop falsely inflating the economy to push up stock prices. Only then will interest rates increase and give Middle Americans, specifically the youngest and oldest, a real way to save cash. Only then will corporations stop being “people” and be corporations again. Only then will we see much of what has caused Middle America’s complacency and apathy erode and the middle class rise again.

Thomas Jefferson saw three threats to America:

• Governments
• Organized religions
• Commercial monopolies/pseudo aristocracy

Only when Middle America becomes a priority again, will America become strong again.

“That liberty [is pure] which is to go to all, and not to the few or the rich alone.” – Thomas Jefferson to Horatio Gates, 1798


4 responses to “Why YOU Must Vote

  1. I hold hope that our society will one day develop into a system with more than two parties.. I truly believe that most people don’t feel very represented by either side, and that a middle road could thrive with a little bit of public support.

    I always vote, but sometimes- I admit– I hold my nose a little bit while I do it.

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