That Time I Was Wonder Woman

Have you ever had “one of those days?” You know what I mean, those days when everything goes wrong. I had one the other week. John and I woke later than usual, so we were more rushed than usual. We did our Debt Free Guys morning work, exercised and then drove to our day jobs.

We were late. Our drive was more stressful than usual, but I wasn’t the only jerk on the road. Everyone seemed rushed, darting in and out of traffic, cutting each other off with the typical “King of the Road” mentality.

After I dropped John off at his job, I drove to mine. Because I was late, none of my favorite parking spots were open. I love when I park on the basement-level of our garage. Don’t ask me why.

When I got to my desk, I was immediately faced with some fire drills, a meeting for which I had to still prepare, a new employee to train and my daily work. I did what I could. My 2:00 meeting arrived. I had prepped until the last minute.

I got to the meeting room and had to log onto our system, plug in the projector and open our call to offsite employees. None of that happened. First, the projector didn’t work. I spent five minutes trying to get the visual to appear on screen. Second, the speaker phone was dead. Have you ever seen a phone screen display “Loading Script 156”? Me, either.

My meeting was a bust. My demo was sub-par and my business partners were less than impressed. The rest of my day was a bust. I wasn’t happy.

Wonder Woman Arrives

The next day I had a similar schedule. My meeting was a little earlier. This day started better. There were the minivan moms who drive 35 MPH in school zones and desperate speed racers to red light. I just let them pass. I got to work on time and was calm.

I prepped for my meeting. I had to lead a conversation with a group I knew half as well as the day prior. I had to introduce a project about which I felt less familiar. The previous day’s inhibitions and insecurities returned. I second guessed myself and wished it was over.

I, then, remembered Amy Cuddy’s TEDx Talk about body language. Cuddy talked about how we project confidence through body language. She said our body language not only directs the way others see us, but how we see ourselves.

I took Cuddy’s advice. Just before my meeting I went into a bathroom stall, put my hands on my hips and stood like Wonder Woman for two minutes. I felt better within seconds. I got a smile on my face.

As I walked to my meeting, I stretched my arms wide like I was running through the finish line of a marathon and giving spectators high-fives. I got a bigger smile on my face.

I kept smiling as the meeting room filled. I tried to dial into the conference call and there was another “WTF Error Message”. I grabbed my cell to have the call. I kept standing while others filed into the room. We crowded around my phone and had the meeting.

Now I felt like Wonder Woman flying through the air in her invisible jet! I was flying high. Everything fell into place. Even though a key attendee was late, she arrived just when her expertise was needed.

After the meeting, we had focus and a plan. A project that felt like it was careening off the tracks was back on track. I rounded up the bad guys of ambiguity and saved the day. I felt great!

A Wonder Woman Attitude

There was one difference between my two meetings. Me. For the first meeting, I had an “I want” attitude. For the second meeting, I had an “I will” attitude. Whether we’re faced with debt, a potential promotion, divorce, a physically strenuous goal, or whatever, attitude is everything. For more on turning “I want” into “I will,” watched this Monday Money Minute.

My advice, like Cuddy’s, when you’re faced with challenges and opportunities, grab those hips and stand like Wonder Woman. Who cares how you look? What matters is how you feel and how you perform.

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